Long day run

I wasn’t giving up but just a little tired. Perhaps, lack of sleep was the main problem.

I couldn’t take a break in the early morning and had so many things to do without taking breakfast.

First was to fix up the DVI to VGA connector to the two computers in the main office. Then I had to bring the projector from the mini conference to multi-purpose hall, as well as to set up the system there for the Chinese New Year celebration.

One of the computers was missing a mouse. Then, nobody held the keys to the conference room and the bitch tried to shift all responsibilities. After some time, she finally allowed us to go in and claimed that we didn’t tell her we only want to collect back the projector. Next was to do a simple testing to the media rack to make sure the mixer and other equipments were working before moving them out. Things didn’t go smooth. I went to the guard house and the keys were already signed out. I was at a lost.

At least, the MPH was opened. Then Yuqing and I brought all the heavy equipments over and my back exerted so much. Staff had so much creativity in mind that he left to get some stuffs, leaving us there for a little rest before lunch.

I couldn’t even have some peace during lunch, receiving calls like as if I was in debt. Gobbling up the food, I rushed back to the office, bringing along the worries that Staff would call me anytime to get back to the MPH. Some people must be mocking at my foolishness because since nobody cared, why should I put in so much effort, especially when the head wasn’t of an honourable person? I took responsibility for my own professionalism.

Why are some people able to enjoy and take their own sweet time for their lunch, while others have to spoil their stomach and get only negative comments from their boss? This world is crap, especially this organisation.

The reason I should stay away from the counter was that nobody else would bother to settle all the shit when Kwang Han wasn’t around. So, when I was writing a voucher with so much doubt, I had to answer to all the knocks on the door. When Sam was there to borrow a projector for lesson, I was asked to either check the function room or open the theatrette, and I wondered I had to leave Sam there to wait a few hours later when I was done and his lesson was over, and then issue the projector to him. Craps.

Can four persons handle all these things? Setting up of MPH, issuing of computer sets with all the parts, issuing and collecting of rooms and equipments, setting up of the theatrette with weird demands and answer to all the weird questions and unreasonable comments – I doubt so.

I rushed up to the theatrette, leaving Sam to set up the projector alone and for the first time I didn’t even care about the completeness of filling up of the t-loan book – I didn’t have a choice but at least his signature was there and I trusted he would return everything without problem.

I didn’t know what event was at the theatrette until asking them. They wanted to switch between the desktop and their laptop and removing the VGA cable was a hazard with the lousy sound cable. Having some initiative, I rushed down to the office to get the switch.

When I saw Wah Chuan was there to collect his projector which Staff had approved in the morning, none was there to entertain him. I didn’t know what was wrong and suddenly I felt so disappointed; when I was there busy with the entrusted work, I bothered to entertain those small little fries with the little shit, but nobody cared for the projector for the meeting of the big shots.

At this point of time, I began to doubt myself for my thinking skill; I wondered if the stuffs for the next morning were more important or the immediate aids to the client. I got so messed up, probably due to the lack of sleep.

Up, I went back to the theatrette and faced the trouble of the laptop not able to output to the projector with the switch. Though it was only a storey high, I almost trampled the stairs towards the control room with all the climbing. I changed the VGA cable and then changed the ports and realised one of them was spoilt. I managed to get it fixed.

Having a small crowd at the control room, I didn’t know if they were supposed to be there since it was their events and they were the ones knowing what exactly was going to happen, but some of them were actually blocking me. They were so curious about all the adjustments of the sound mixer and lightings that they didn’t care who the owner was. I was too soft perhaps.

There were limitations again. I couldn’t switch the sound cable between the desktop and laptop without plugging in and out of the exact cable because we didn’t have a switch or what. I was also lack of knowledge because basically nobody taught me much since I got there. And then Warrant Toh had a request for Chinese New Year music at the end of the event, which I couldn’t fulfil. I needed not anyway, for his joke; nevertheless it would be interesting to have it.

Other than the very impressive video presentation, the event was a crap. Usually for major event, the organiser would have booked the theatrette a day before for rehearsal, and not the last minute actions, without even letting us know of the requirements of equipments. Shep might be furious if she knew I was running around like a monkey to help them out.

Anyway, they were nice people, especially the officer. I was looking out for Captain Edward who was very friendly towards me, but I didn’t get to talk to him.

It was a boring event and I was very disappointed with myself that I didn’t do a last minute check on the microphone for the MC. I had told the people inside the control room to leave it on all the time while we use the mixer to switch it on or off. Just when their commander came in, the MC’s voice wasn’t projected out. The operator of the computer started the video when I was waiting for the MC to announce, thus I didn’t switch off the lights in time. Nobody kicked a fuss though.

There were long speeches and I didn’t know what stuns would be up next and since the first part was a bit cocked up, unable to be perfect, I didn’t want it to be worse. So, when Chen De wanted me to leave the control room to settle other things, I told him no, not even to go to the toilet to ease my needs.

I felt stupid again, for in the past when Shep first came and she expected at least three persons to be in the theatrette for major events. Now that I was alone to struggle there with my shagged body, I was expected to leave there to handle other things.

There wasn’t any cock up anymore luckily. Anyway, I got to talk to my two team-mates of the Signal formation. I didn’t know their names but one of them should be Calvin or something closed to it. He told me about the lost of the matches and if I was around it would make a big difference after Brian sprained his ankle and there was no setter. I was upset, so depressed that my chest was still uncomfortable till this day.


There’re many things that are within my limit and otherwise. It always hurts me when I fail to help my friends, though I shouldn’t be too emotional anymore.

Just now when Wah Chuan and Mike came into the office to borrow projector just for an hour, I couldn’t loan it out; while Staff Quek was on leave, everything had to go through Shep who wasn’t as flexible.

I remembered a few months ago when most of the trainees were gone, we had quite a high upkeep but soon they started to disappear traceably. The Spectrum’s projector spoiled and we had to support them with the mini IBM one. Next was the conference room’s one, which was fixed in less than two days previously but now it took forever, and we had to support as well. Finally was the newly opened mini conference room, which required our support as well.

Out of the seventeen projectors, seven are at the workshop pending for repair due to money issue, whereas two spoilt ones are still inside the office. Apart from the three being loaned out unworthily, two are at the CCIS labs for lessons and one is at the threatrette. The balancing two pathetic ones are the only available ones.

There’re just too little that I can do.

Office duty

I’d a bad experience waking up late when I was having office duty in the morning. I didn’t know what was wrong, except that my watch could never wake me up already since I was immured to the sound and being too sleepy could easily overcome the soft sound. However, I was amazed that both my alarm clock and the sharp alarm from my phone failed to do so too; someone could have snapped them down before I woke up.

The feeling of panicking, the lostness of the weariness and the unwelcoming morning light caught me unprepared. I didn’t know what to do next. The day was too tough for me to handle, because I was going to face the insane woman who had threatened to use violence – chopper or knife. Sitting down there was enough to tempt her to create nuisance; and when I was late that would do her more justice to destroy me.

I was all prepared to take a cab down, which would cost me a bomb but decided to try my luck on Ivan who always reached for the first bus; whereas I was only able to be on time for the second bus. So, I woke him up from his dream on the train and he gladly agreed to help me draw the keys.

The air-conditioner was down, which meant greater heat for that disastrous room. After the first parade, when everyone was accounted for, she wasn’t there yet. I went in to the room and after some time, Miss Lee arrived.

“Is she coming here?”

“Don’t worry, she isn’t coming today. Are you scared?”

I left the room to resume my normal duty. It was in the later part of the day when I heard the witch went for recuperation, most probably to treat her mental problems, and wouldn’t be back these few days.

The whole camp could finally stay peaceful.

A night at Chinatown

I’m not a game freak but I can’t stop when I’m into any. I’ve just completed the game “Genghis Khan Series 2” by ruling all the countries from Mongolia to Europe and north-east of Africa.

I woke up feeling so dizzy, not having a fever but due to the flu tablet’s effect. I wasn’t sure it was flu or nose irritation or whatever, just taking it as prescribed by the doctor.

I knew I should have started into the merging of my old gallery into the website but it was too tedious. I wanted to rearrange them by year and reduce the downloading time, and it was going to be a big process. Couldn’t work with the spinning head, I decided to try out the game again.

I didn’t stop until evening when my family wanted to go for dinner to celebrate my elder brother’s birthday in advance. So, my elder brother and I walked to Chinatown to join my mum and younger brother. Although I stayed so near, it was the first time I stepped there eversince the pasar malam for the Chinese New Year started.

Dinner was at the seafood stall as usual. After which we went down to take a walk in the super duper crowded streets. It was all expected and during the Chinese New Year eve would be worse. I didn’t like to hang out in crowded places but it was good to be there for the New Year mood. People were busy squeezing and pushing around, which dampened the mood.

I’m always walking fast when I’m out alone on the street, but I do my best not to knock into anyone and even have to halt when a big “cupboard” is obstructing my path and not giving way; most people don’t really care for others and behave like kings, even at places where there’re few passers-by, they behave wildly as well.

Anyway, my elder brother received an SMS and then he left for town. The remaining three of us walked towards the end of a street to near the Indian temple where it was less crowded. Nothing really interested me since all of them were old stuffs which they sold every year. However, there were these poker card sets with cartoon designs which looked appealing. They were old stuffs but they really looked cute except that my brother thought the quality wasn’t that good.

We spent more time at the field opposite Maxwell market where there was more hollow space. The t-shirts amazed both my brother and I with all the Quiksilver logos looking so big; I wasn’t into branded stuffs but definitely not those super obvious fake ones.

After walking around, we got nothing except a refillable writing pad in a file. It was in a brown colour Mickey Mouse design and I betted Mingli would definitely fall for the guy who gave it to her as the picture was really cute. I paid for it since I was older even though my brother was earning more than me as a part-timer waiting for enlistment.

The place kept reminding me of the companion of Jingkun, Weitat, Mingfa, Guoxin and Jasmin years back. Jingkun’s acting as reporter in front of my old Nokia 6220 were all the old fondable memories.

Now that Jingkun’s heart is all with his girlfriend, Weitat has countless friends to entertain, Guoxin acts weird and anti-social, Mingfa is into his coaching career and months of moving to new house, and Jasmin’s attached status, we can never gather like in the past.

This year, who will I be spending the Chinese New Year eve with, rounding up the cheap leftover stuffs? Can I have all my friends? Will I be alone editing my website?

Return of the old witch

She’s being possessed again. The hell has just opened.

The previous time was when 007 first arrived, when she threatened to charge everyone. It lasted for around half a year until the IKC2 week, when something or someone managed to subdue the devil.

There was this rumour told by the previous staffs that she was once a clerk at the headquarter, and after scolding a colonel, being demoted and transferred over (sounds like a thrash place).

She was scolding Kim Hock when I stepped into the office. Even though she was longer here, she didn’t have the right to scold an officer. Then, I found out that he got involved with her just because of protecting the dignity of his men – how great.

Next was my turn when I’d to submit my time sheet to her. She started grumbling that everyone was pushing these stuffs to her and that we should do it by ourselves. I finally realised how ridiculous she’d turned into because she was the clerk and was supposed to collect everything; if she was a doctor, patients would have to cure their sickness themselves.

The climax came when she took the paper for me and threw it onto the floor. Staff Quek was there to calm me down though it was useless since my temper was quite okay that day. She continued to throw her tantrum and then took the paper from me again and threw it again. Staff quickly picked it up for me and thought I’d lose control but I didn’t. Weirdly, I only found it funny to see her behave like this; perhaps, I hadn’t seen insane people for quite long already.

I was lucky that this didn’t happen a few weeks ago when I was extremely mood and definitely couldn’t control myself; else there would be more trouble. She told me to bring the paper to the admin office myself to get it stamped and I was stunned since time sheet didn’t require anything.

So, I proceeded on to the admin office and the clerk there was amazed also. After telling her this witch had asked me to go over so ridiculously, he told me she had been behaving insanely since a few days ago.

After going back to my office, I saw a small crowd taking refugee there, trying to escape from her, hoping she wouldn’t cross over the road to look for troubles. It was funny. Anyway I heard she even created nuisances for people in other departments.

I don’t know when the devil would leave her body; not another half a year I hope.

I told you I'm hardworking

I finally completed another book “Designing Web Graphics 4” on this Thursday. It was borrowed together with the earlier book “On The Job” since around two months ago.

It was more for the pictures of the example websites that had attracted me to the book; I needed them for more aspiration. Of course, the contents were helpful as well even though most of the skills were already in my head. Of course, forgetfulness sought the book’s audience and there were quite a handful of new knowledge and lots of interesting facts and URLs to useful websites.

I was shocked to see that the printing had a problem and the chapter 7 was printed twice. It wasn’t professional but having extras was better than missing any.

A despicable company's scam

A lady called me with this number 68360835 and told me I’d won prizes in their lucky draw, all shit including a $150 cash. She told me to collect it somewhere in Orchard. Suddenly she asked me for my occupation and when I told him I was still in national service (with a pathetic pay), she started to “confirm” my name and then she “realised” she had made a wrong call.

Desperate despicable companies always use this method to lure people down to their places for more purchases or investments. This is so disgusting!

Surf and sweat beach volleyball

I was late again. Being informed only during Kailin’s birthday party about the Surf and Sweat beach volleyball competition, the registration was over already.

Kachua, Anqi and Guoxin were interested in getting the shirts only, but I wanted more than that; having failed to participle in the *** inter-formation game, I wanted something competitive to house my drive. With Tze Khit’s ally, the prospect was unlimited.

I called Gim Young and he told me that he’d get his friend to put us into the waiting list, in case any team dropped out, we’d get in. However, Jianhao called me yesterday to ask me help him be a referee for the game and he said the waiting list had around ten teams, therefore it was hopeless.

I agreed to him then since I didn’t tried before though I’d be a cock up one and referees were the usual target of furious loser competitors.

Staying back late

I hadn’t stayed back till so late in camp for quite long already. This night I was so exhausted after staying up at 3am continuously for fourth days.

As usual, it was all for the room #4-10/11 which was the only lecture room with Internet, such that the trainees loved to stay there since they didn’t get to surf net until weekends.

It was alright to work overtime since recently there was this system to accumulate hours to claim off. I’d rather stay back late each time than to stay back for a short while for many times as it was boring to stay back alone and considering the extra transport fee.

However, the record book went missing a few weeks ago after I brought it to the TRMS office and then told Ivan to get Chen De or Jonathan to bring it back. I’d searched through the cupboards and asked around but nobody knew where it was. My lost was the greatest since I’d been staying back most frequently and I didn’t record them down.

I was quite fortunate since Jacky Foo was the Duty Officer for the day and he was just inside the Admin office when I went to return the keys. His concern was a comfort to my heart; it was great that another guy understood our difficulties and suffers.

I was supposed to stay overnight in camp before the parade for the next day was cancelled. It’d be quite cool since Chen De and Kwang Han would be staying together if it had resumed.

It’s going to be only a half day for the next day since I’m having physiotherapy session in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to the next day for the weekends.

Morning run

I was cursed that the HLS (Healthy lifestyle) wouldn’t be conducted out of the camp. Just before we were near the gate, it started to drizzle and the route changed to within the camp only. It was kind of wasting time to run with such big crowds who were blocking my way that trying to maintain their speed behind them drained out my energy. Overtaking caused inconsistency of strength used during the run. Nevertheless, running with a bad cough was tough.

I was curious to see Unimog at the carpark near the POL area. Suddenly Benson called for me and I realised the 3SIG guys were having a major exercise there and their landrover had broken down since hours ago and yet the MT-Line didn’t provide any technician or a substitute rover to help them. It was good to chat with him there for about an hour, knowing more about the conditions of our ex platoon-mates.

Brian passed by and I asked him about the volleyball tournament. He announced the sad news that he had sprained his ankle during the first game and our team could actually get into the top three. He had called 007 immediately upon obtaining his injury to get me back to the team but failed. I could have replaced him as the setter instead of being the libero and we could achieve the first ever glory of the Signals team.

It seems too impossible to live a life without hatreds and regrets.