My debt

[Monday, 03 July, 2006]

After I returned Yuqing’s uniform to him, he asked if I could get my mum to help him sew all the new tags to his uniform. Though he had offered money, I declined.

We were so good friends in camp and often he helped me with things besides sending me to the MRT station. Even for normal friends I would not want to reject their request but this time I had no choice and was certain that I should do it.

I owed my friends for their friendship but my mum should not be the one repaying; it was my own efforts that counted.

I would not want to collect money from any friend as well; if I had done so, I would have lived a more comfortable life. As for my mum, seeing her help me with my uniforms were bad enough and she might injure her fingers; besides, it would reflect badly on her if her boss misunderstood that she was taking her own business secretly.

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