Man Utd 3 – 0 Blackburn

It was written 1 – 0 on the scoreboard because Wayne Rooney had kindly donated two open goals to Blackburn. The referee pardoned Blackburn from a penalty, which I decided to overlook it.

First half was an impressive play by Manchester United but a biased judgement from referee. Rooney’s two balls gave away was offered a yellow card by referee and he happily accepted it.

Second half owed to Ryan Giggs and Louis Saha who assisted and scored a goal. In the end, Ronaldo went down in exchange for a free yellow card for naughty opponent. The kind soul waved for a substitution but he impressed the whole stadium when he sped for the ball so fast that he almost broke the world 100 metres record.

After that, Ronaldo staggered out of the field to allow Fletcher to play in the soil.

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