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[Wednesday, 13 December, 2006]

Gilbert and I were supposed to go for a swim finally but I woke up only at 10am, feeling weird that he did not call me at 9am as agreed. Then, he told me he felt lazy. Since I went to bed very late, I started to feel lazy as well. In the end, we did not go out at all.

Nothing much was done in the drowsy afternoon until the early evening, my enthusiasm for building the website for my job erupted.

The first thing I wanted to do was to try out PHP. I had been using frames so often in my websites that it was difficult to display individual pages. There were of course some advantages but still, for more commercialised website, I decided to drop the old method.

I needed to keep all the pages constant, such as the side navigation and top banner. I wanted to maintain just a file like the frames so that when I needed to change the design or layout, I needed not edit all the pages.

It was hours of time consumed and yet nothing seemed to work out. Shamefully, I only managed to do the template using external text files, which was so unprofessional. I messaged Irwin who never ever denied my approach for help. We spent quite a long time trying to figure the problems. I did countless trial and errors and finally…

It worked.

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