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[Tuesday, 26 December, 2006]

This morning I woke up with disappointment but I was actually quite expecting it that Andrew and Jessica did not want the Haig Road flat. The first thing I did after opening my eyes was to check the phone and I was totally dejected.

My holiday mood turned gloomy and I knew clearly I had to redo everything again – showing of clients to the flat. Kelly acted immediately to my forwarded message and she messaged all the numbers of agents in the newspaper who were holding flats to that area so that the agents could bring their clients who were interested in that area over for a look.

I got calls and finally, someone called Hanna was interested but she was quite furious over the commission of the flat. By then, I realised most agents in the market did not know about the JTC resale flats, which was not as simple as what Francis had said. However, she gave me a second call and confirmed about the viewing and she gave me her associate’s number, who would be bringing the clients down.

I did not reject the appointment which was at 8.30pm on the same day because I knew hard work would pay. However, I was already saturated in moodiness.

Just as I left my house, Mingfa told me he would not be going down since it was pouring heavily and he lived so far away; I was very fine with it for I had told him earlier about this plan that I would go down alone. So, I went back to the same place to board the bus 10 and proceeded with the boring trip once again.

Front view at night

Back view at night

As I waited on alone at the flat, Kelly called and said she was not coming anymore due to the heavy rain. It was a blessing actually for not taking up her time. Since the valuer would be going down the next day, she would collect the keys from me in the morning.

I was surprised when another number appeared in my phone instead. I realised this team consisted three or more people and the final member sent over was Rahman. He appeared quite “beng” and did not even carry his name card along, but later, I realised he was very friendly.

The clients were a Muslim couple and the lady was quite gorgeous. In fact, both of them were very nice people. They were very interested in the house but had to see to their son’s liking. Then, Rahman arranged another appointment the next day with me.

I was in fact planning to work at Bianhong’s place to replenish my wallet but I had to give up the deal.

It was nearly 9pm and the channel 8 show, 百万宝, was beginning soon and I actually thought of going to the auntie next door’s house to watch it but was too shy to place the simple request which she would certainly accept. It was still raining and as I got down, Kelly asked me to call another agent to arrange an appointment. Rahman had also called me to urge me to talk to the valuer to push the value of the house up. I was delayed for around fifteen minutes at the lobby for I did not have enough hands to hold my file, my phone and the umbrella.

I reached home at nearly 10pm and got even more moody for missing the show.

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