Company Event

[Friday, 15 December, 2006]

Francis called me at around 1pm to ask if I wanted to go for the company’s event at Apollo Centre. Since I had nothing on, I decided to go as he said he wanted to introduce people to me despite Mingfa was not free. However, since my mum was buying lunch back, I waited and eventually got there at around 4pm.

I did not know where the place was actually at but since I guessed Francis would be somewhere smoking around and thus I checked the outside first. I was right. We went into the air conditioned place, at the “Meeting Point Pub & Lounge”. I supposed everyone except me wore pants.

Mingfa promised me to come down and accompany me for it was quite bored there. Then I managed got to see the boss who announced the plans for the next year and later, the presentation for award-winners. I also got to smoke a lot of second hand smoke.

Just before Mingfa arrived, Francis told me he was going to leave soon; I quickly told Mingfa but he was in the cab already. The food was nice but I did not take any because I had just taken my lunch. The satays were finished very soon.

As Mingfa arrived, we went inside to have a little chat with Francis. We had a small round of questions and answering before Francis left. We went to People’s Park Centre after finishing the glasses of super gassy Pepsi, which made us thirstier.

Mingfa’s old friend, Wenqiang, was working at one of the second storey’s game shops. He gave us a few free KFC meal cards. It was a promotion from Singtel to get a meal whenever anyone buys a Hi-Card.

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