Dinner and Shop at Ikea

[Saturday, 16 December, 2206]

My younger brother started packing the room where two large shelves and his wardrobe were located at. He took quite long to do it and even stopped to play games. I saw his matureness once again for he was able to part with the old stuffs which my mum would definitely want to keep if she was around.

Anyway, his plan was to move the double-decker bed from the first room and buy a sofa bed to put under the frame to replace the queen size bed.

My elder brother had impulsively thrown a useful single bed with a pull-out bed below, so that the space could be replaced by the tall frame. In the end, the frame bought from Ikea was actually too high for my house’s low ceiling and nobody went up to sleep.

Anyway, my younger brother, my mum and I went for dinner at a hawker centre near Queensway Shopping Centre. My brother and I did a spilt up to buy food. He bought a plate of delicious fried rice and sugarcane drinks. I bought three “siew mai”, a plate of chicken rice and ten sticks of satays. We spent less than twenty bucks altogether including a bowl of sea coconut with jelly dessert. It was such a shame that I could not just pay for everything.

There was free show for the night while we were enjoying our dinner but the quarrels did not lead to any fight. There were a few babes near us actually but they left quite early.

We went to Ikea finally at around 9pm and luckily the closing time was 11pm. We were welcomed by free door gifts – soft toy of a red heart whose hands can be stick together. There were nice furniture there but they were too expensive for our current situation.

It was after 10pm when I started to get tired for I was waked up early. It was supposed to be a window shopping trip but my brother bought some snacks at the Sweden shop.

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