First Setback

When I thought everything was almost fixed and that I would be having a few days of holidays until New Year, I woke up with disappointments.

Andrew and Jessica replied me negative about the flat. I was not sure what was wrong but they seemed to be so interested in it last week. However, since the night before I messaged them, they did not reply immediately, I could sense their lack of interest already.

I got last Saturday’s straits times from my neighbour and the auntie told me their adopted dog had passed away last Saturday. Things were not going right this day. Kelly continued to help Mingfa and I do all the shit. After I received a call from an agent, I realised Kelly had started messaging the agents found on the newspapers. Just when I was trying to alias with her which numbers I should message, I realised my neighbour had given me the wrong portion of Classified advertisement.

I would not have felt so moody if Josephine did not give the ring that her client had wanted to pay for the deposit last week. I hated to repeat the process again and in a sorrier state.

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