First Viewing of Potential buyers

[Sunday, 17 December, 2006]

After all the calls, I finally got to get an appointment for viewing the flat. An Agent called Eza called me and this sweet lady first asked us to meet up at 3pm. Later on, she called back to change the timing to 6pm.

Since Francis had taught us not to be stooped by anyone, we had to double confirm the meeting time. I sent a message to remind her about it and also warned her of the weather to bring an umbrella out of my sincerity.

Dustbin at Tanjong Katong Road bus-stop

Mingfa and I got there before the meeting time and later, she called me to push the appointment backward by an hour due to traffic jam. Though Mingfa suspected it could be because she was meeting another client because Singapore was so small that it would not take an hour for someone who drives.

We went to the nearby coffee shop and had a drink. I was quite down-lucked for the glass was not that clean. The owners were polite but I really minded the hygienic of the utensils and even drink cans’ surfaces.

We went back to the flat to wait for the agent and her buyers, and it started to pour heavily. They were a bit late and Eza called me when she arrived. When I got down, I saw a small crowd and there was a man in coat with badges on it. I realised that was Eza’s husband and both of them were working together as a team.

Eza’s husband started to teach us things, which we were quite appreciated. He kept asking us to go over to join him, which was almost impossible for the time being. However, we got to realise that we should be at least guided and not doing everything all by ourselves on the first assignment.

After the viewing, both of us went to Tanjong Katong Road and had the Punggol Nasi Lemak for dinner before going home.

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