Fixing the Bicycle

[Friday, 01 November, 2006]

My elder brother finally bought the stuffs to fix the old wheels of the bicycle. Being so ignorant, I decided to go out to the corridor to see him do the work.

I always thought he would change the entire tyres inclusive of the grooves outside and I never expected the tyres consisted more than two main parts. He took out two boxes of rubber tubes and I was quite puzzled at first until he dug out similar tubes in between the wheels and grooves.

He had not touched the bicycle for quite long for I remembered and that was probably why the tubes were not tight anymore and lost air fast. I remembered months ago, every time I used the bicycle I had to go to the petrol station to plump air.

The reason why he bought the new long air plump was because usual air plumps had different heads and were not strong enough. I realised I was never attentive enough to spot the differences by myself.

In fact, my brother had been dealing with bicycles since around secondary school that he knew so much. However, the cost of this knowledge and hands-on experiences was huge amount of money. For me, I was badly influenced by my mum that I would not even spend money on necessities sometimes that my life experience was a blank and dull paper.

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