Formal Wear Full Geared

[Friday, 08 December, 2006]

Mingfa and I were supposed to attend a talk in our office which was actually optional. After repeated advice from Francis, we decided to begin our formal clothes lives.

I had another round of working throughout the night experience and thus was totally shagged out when Vivi called me around noon. She wanted to have lunch with me before going to the Tzu Qing camp for I had told her my initial plan to go to Carls Junior the day before during our date to Vivo City. I thought fast food was for emergency for it was served “fast” and thus was quite meaningless to go there just for it. Anyway, I knew I need to catch more sleep in order to attend the talk in the afternoon.

After waking up at around 2pm, I realised she was not herself – either angry or sad. I called her immediately but she sounded a bit busy that I told her I had to take my lunch first before running late for the talk. I finally put on the formal wear, namely the unworn long sleeve shirt and pant I bought for my job attachment during the polytechnic days. As I took out the new SAF leather shoes, I realised the shoes laces were not tied yet and thus, simply grabbed an old pair of shoes which belonged to my elder brother.

I missed a bus 167 but luckily 196 came soon after. I was early but Mingfa was even earlier as he came straight from his volleyball coaching at CCAB (previously NIE). We went up to the office immediately. He finally got his name cards. I taught him a few items that Francis taught me which he had missed out a few days ago. The sudden announcement of the speaker for the talk falling sick killed the purpose of us going down. However, Mingfa managed to do his finger print for the entering of the office.

We left for Queensway shopping centre together and Mingfa managed to influence me to get a pair of leather shoes. We got discount though for the two pairs of shoes, costing us sixty-five bucks each. It was an investment though the SAF shoes were enough but certainly would not leave good impression for bigger clients. Mingfa started to distribute his name card and I thought it was weird if I were to give the lady mine as well.

Then, Mingfa visited a shop to look for volleyball shoes and wears. In the end, we went down to the ATM machine and he gave me back the money for my birthday. It was kind of “ang bao” from him and some of my volleyball friends who did not buy me any present. I thought it was quite weird to get it for it had been dragged for more than a month.

After that, we departed at the bus-stop.

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