I Am a Property Agent

[Thursday, 30 November, 2006]

Please contact me if anyone you know happens to need to sell/rent/buy any property, such as flat, private house, stall, coffee shop and warehouse.

Finally I got to sign the contract with the company and also got my name cards. It was after a meeting for my manager to announce some major projects coming up. Through the talks, I sensed the tension in the line where some hypocrites would push their luck in order to gain more money.

As my brain is damaged by SAF and still in the process of recovery, I am not sure if I can cope with the learning of so many new things. Lots of experiences are required. I may not be successful through this line but at least there are lots of things for me to learn.

I am now part of the company and am able to help people sell, buy or rent any property inclusive of houses, shops, warehouses and even the management of a coffee shop under the company’s name. Find me when you or your friend needs to buy or sell any property! I am your trustworthy property agent!

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