Jialing’s Impostor

There are many kinds of people in this world, and sadly, those weird ones do appear in the internet.

In this article I would focus on those shameless ones. Some people for whatever reasons, can resort to stealing pictures from others and claim to be the owners. This is common but I will condemn it if it is for more than a joke.

Can you imagine someone stalking you over the internet and stealing all pictures from your blog or even Friendster account, and set up a Friendster account using the stolen pictures? This is very common for those ugly bitches to gain online friends; but if that person uses your name and nickname as well, and even starts a second account probably due to overwhelming friend requests, it is scarce. And what if that person even sets the account to private, perhaps, does not want you to view the profile, how would you feel?

This is the case for my volleyball friend, Jesselyn Lim Jialing, also known as Jesuke, the cosplay lover. The impostor indicates at the fake accounts that she is from Japan, which is so pathetic. Many fools would of course believe the impostor because of Jialing’s hobby as a cosplayer, which she takes many pictures of herself in those animates’ dresses.

I seriously cannot figure out why that person can go into such depth. If that person is a girl, she can of course make many male friends because Jialing is a babe, but however, she probably can only remain net friends with those poor guys; if that person is a guy, obviously he is a gay.

We cannot deny the access of crooks to the internet, nor can we totally stop their evil doings, but at least we can hinder their progress. Everyone please go to the URLs http://www.friendster.com/17579112 and http://www.friendster.com/31924047 (url inactive and removed) click “report profile”, which is located under the main picture. This will at least kill all the unlawful and shameless efforts of the impostor.

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