Kaiwei’s Birthday Celebration

[Monday, 11 December, 2006]

This was a slow day for all the waiting. My younger brother was on leave for the beginning of the weekdays and his birthday fell on this day, which entitled the family dinner together.

At first, I was supposed to go and help Kaelyn with something but after sitting in front of the computer, too scared to start into any work that would be never ending that I was kind of rotting.

My mum posed there so long for us to adjust the setting of the camera for the darkness.

On the Tanjong Rhu Bridge where filming is often done at; facing Jumbo.

Facing the other side

Sadly, the clearest scenery picture I had taken that night.

Cosy Bay.


The bridge again.

My younger brother was out with his friends at K-box and he did not come home as early as planned. The rest of us took a cab down to the indoor stadium where a Jumbo restaurant was located behind, just besides the river. The scenery was great.

While wating for the arrival of my younger brother, I started eating the peanuts together with the nice Thai chilli and my mum joined in after some questioning.

As my younger brother arrived after a long walk from the bus-stop, we started ordering food. There were craps throughout the dinner and even the china waitresses were blessed with the laughers.

Plain vegetable was nice. We had wheat prawns, and fish which was so slippery, and later, crabs. In the end, my hands were still clean.

After the dinner, which my elder brother paid for, we crossed over the Tanjong Rhu Bridge to Cosy Bay. The first thing I remembered was the story between Wilson and Kaelyn, which I should not elaborate on more.

Zoomed to the condominium from top of Cosy Bay.

Condominium over the other side.

Me, younger brother, mum, further “da sao”, elder brother. Credits to the rubbish bin.

Back of my brother’s k800i. Thanks rubbin bin again.

Down the tower, I found a heart. Can you see it?

We climbed up to the top and enjoyed the breeze and beautiful scenery; where we sat down to share a bottle of white wine. Before we left, we had some photo taking fun and we never relied on any passer-by to help us take group photos.

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