Learning Day

[Tuesday, 14 December, 2006]

As Francis told me he was too busy to help Mingfa and I to advertise on the newspapers for our Haig Road flat, he said he would do it on Thursday or Friday. We arranged to meet up at Holland Drive’s coffee shop to pick up the skill of filling up the forms.

While I was about to leave my house, Weitat messaged me to borrow money. It was so weird for everyone should know I was unemployed for so long and yet they approached me. Even if I was rich, I would barely consider because of all the past encounters with my good friends who had even forgotten they owed me money; little plus little made a lot. Weitat was someone less forgetful but it was a very bad habit for a very rich man’s son to borrow money around.

Anyway, when I was on the train I messaged him with my unfamiliar phone slowly, “Siao ah? Why borrow money from the poorest guy?”

I reached the coffee shop at twelve sharp. Twenty minutes later, I called Francis who took around another twenty minutes to come down to ease my awkwardness from people looking for seats for their lunch. He started teaching me how to fill in the OTP forms with the special JTC contract.

After we had finished, Mingfa arrived with Weitat and the two CTSS boys. I tried to explain to Mingfa everything with Francis doing most of the talk. Then we switched table to the smoking area because Francis’ stamina could not keep up anymore. We got to ask him more questions.

It was around three plus when he left. I was amazed over how long we took to learn part of the stuffs about only HDB flats. All the paper work was quite tedious.

Mingfa and I joined up with the three of them and had our lunch. Then, they left for Clementi ITE for volleyball while I went back to office alone.

I waited there for quite long for the only computer I knew installed with the Propnet software was occupied by the same lady I met the previous time. I gave a call to Ou Xiang to check if she still needed to rent a house and actually woke her up right on time for her to rush to the air port. When I was about to give up and message Mingfa that I was going home, luck fell on me and finally I could get to the computer.

I began helping Mingfa to search for the prices of some flats he wanted to check. Then, I tried looking for some rental of flats in vain. I hung around there to do some research on district and left at around 8pm. This time, I took bus 145 instead, which stopped nearer to my house than bus 167. Then, I had some chat with the auntie working downstairs who had her leg operation almost the same time as me.

Since my mum had gone to Malaysia with my younger brother, I cooked instant noodle for my late dinner. It was not a smooth task for half of the egg dropped near the fire and later, opening of the oil spilled. It was hell mess.

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