Lobangs for Now

Subscription of straits times and Lian He Zao Bao – my sister has lobang $264 for 1 year subscription with free gift like Spinex Massager.
[lobang till this weekends only]

My brother is a full time insurance agent. If you need any advice, you can contact him through me; no point going to other agents who might just bluff you to sign up for bigger insurance plan just for higher commission. And of course, to benefit others, why not benefit own friend? Other than saving plans, he also has insurance plans even for housing.

– Starhub SCV or Max-Online
My friend is working for Starhub and if you subscribe through her, you will get cheaper subscription fee. Everything will be done beautifully for you with just signing of document.

* I am not receiving any commission for the above lobangs *

– Buy / Rent / Sell house
I am working as a property agent for now. No joke. I am still picking up the skill for just dealing with houses and in future, or if there is any chance, I will learn to do office, warehouse or even coffee shop deals. Please introduce me to your friends and relatives who wish to sell, buy or rent their houses. I will offer you some coffee money of course depending on the profit. I am currently working on a website; please help me to spread the url when the time comes (probably after I acquire a domain name for it).

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