Movie Date with Vivi

[Thursday, 07 December, 2006]

I had totally forgotten about the last movie date with Vivi; it was far too long ago.

I woke up at around 9am to get ready and later, gave her two calls to finally wake her up and remind her that we had a date at 10am. She even wanted to have MacDonald’s breakfast hours ago and obviously the plan did not work.

Long John Silver’s breakfast

Looks yummy actually

We finally met up around 10.30am at the bus-stop outside Vivo City and went straight to the movie ticket booth. After getting the tickets for the 11.20am “Happy Feet”, we went in search for food. My intention was to share a set of meal at Carls Junior but it was not opened yet. We went to Long John Silver’s instead. The staffs were friendly but most probably because of our smiles. When I asked for “Combo 1”, the boy stared at me and only till this day I knew the combo sets belonged to lunch category. At first I thought I could still grab it at 11am but it took the staffs around ten minutes to prepare and we gave up.

Happy Feet

I was luckily seated between two girls inside the cinema. Vivi was sweet of course but I did not take any peep at the girl on my right side and thus had no comment about her looks. The story was average to me for some parts seemed to be not logical and the stomping of the feet was actually not perfectly rhymed with the sound. I was quite impressed with some of the sound effects though.

Case with six slots inside

Glasses with holes to help to train eyes, selling $2 at Daiso, which Optical shops sell it at least five times more

Nice silver carabineer which actually came in a pair and one was given to my younger brother

Compass with Chinese characters

We went to take a walk after the movie and reached Daiso. I was so pleased for this outlet was nearer to my house compared to the one at Plaza Singapura. We shopped inside for very long for I needed to find files, compass and carabineer, while Vivi needed to get some drawing materials.

It was an enjoyable shopping with her. I supposed it was because I had been telling myself she had finally made an attempt such that her parents would not give a surprise call to her; for the first time I put myself at ease throughout the whole day. This was the result of dating with a girl of a very strict family.

I took her up to the top level “Sky Park” to enjoy a walk which I thought would be nice because of the ambience but she did not seem to like it. She did not even believe me that the water was clean even though so many people were already playing inside it and kids were even wearing swimming goggles. I thought it was a clean and nice place to take pictures but she refused and was safeguarding herself from being pushed into the water by me when she was carrying her valuables.

Any babe wants to volunteer to be my model for photo shooting then?

Soon, it marked the end of our Vivo City outing, which I had waited ever since the opening months ago. I went to the Seah Lm food centre to get my bunch and both of us went to my house for a short beauty sleep. And since I was so lack of sleep, it was almost impossible to drag myself up when she tried to leave by herself. I dragged my feet to at least send her to the bus-stop and continued my sleep after that.

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