Our Suntanning Trip

[Thursday, 30 November, 2006]

Vivi wanted a suntan at Sentosa and so we arranged to meet at 8am in the morning. I was quite down-lucked for the company’s meeting was on the same day.

I woke up at around 7am and gave numerous morning calls to her but she did not pick up. Then, I started to hesitate if I should even pack up for the trip. She called me around fifteen minutes later to claim that she was taking her bath and I proceeded on. However, just before I was leaving my house, I wanted to confirm the meeting place with her but she did not pick up my calls again. I got so frustrated after calling her around eight times and eventually went back to sleep. Finally she called me back and claimed that her phone was left inside the room.

Both of us were late eventually and I was later since she stayed nearer and had three direct buses to Harbourfront. I was unfortunately quite unlucky with the waiting of bus as well. She asked me where to meet and we agreed at the bus-stop but when I reached, she had crossed over to the food centre to get some drinks which added a little irritation to me.

But this day, somehow she was so sweet that I was swept over by her charm in no time. Or perhaps, I loved the quiet moments with her lying on my shoulder during the bus rides, the satisfactory feeling which resembled heaven. She behaved somehow more ladylike than usual and possessed these cheerful smiles which were missing for the past few months.

I realised the Islander Card’s prices had increased. She did not want to apply for the card and therefore I only paid for the three bucks entry fee. Just as I was sighing for the gone Blue Line bus after the blur staff had delayed us, the driver for a leaving Yellow Line bus questioned us. He thought we were new to the place and even advised us to take a map, and I kindly continued with the “game”. So, instead of Siloso beach, we went to Palawan beach.

The bird who welcomed us

The place was almost empty without the staffs. I walked her to the nearest washroom for her to get changed before we went to the bridge. It was the first time I ever stepped onto it and was glad that it was with a girl who had brightened my life. We started off with taking a picture of a bird and soon, realised there was no sun.

Splendid scenery!

The water and the shore

The trees in the drizzling rain

The sky began to grow dark fast but the colour tone of the surrounding was so beautiful including the water. After more capturing of the scenery, the down-pouring rain forced us to a shelter nearly. I saw a miracle as the dark clouds began to disperse and the rain eventually stopped within minutes. I was quite reluctant to leave the island as the sun had already smiled at us but she chose to leave.

Perhaps, she was right as all the delays had drawn the morning nearer to noon. We took the tram to the Beach Car Park and took Blue Line to the Visitor Departure Centre in which we transferred to the bus towards Harbourfront bus interchange.

It was not long before reaching my house and fast asleep comfortably in the hug of her. This afternoon, the alarm clock failed to get me up of the bed. She tried her best to pinch me but I rather bear the pain than to leave the paradise.

We went for lunch at the chicken rice shop where Wanting’s mum worked. It was only when we were about to leave, we saw Wanting there and thus could not talk to her. Both of us went to the same bus-stop where I caught my bus 197 immediately.

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