Receiving Calls

[Saturday, 16 December, 2006]

I tried to sleep early but it took me long to doze off as predicted.

After sleeping for five to six hours, I received calls from people to find out about the Haig Road’s flat. I confirmed Francis had helped us to advertise it on the straits times. My mind was almost in blanks and I could not answer some of the questions and had to apologise for being a newbie.

However, I did try my best to declare about the low commission for agents because it was JTC Corporation’s property. Many agents gave up after knowing about it. There were some really sincere agents for they did not mind the price but they did not get back to me after “discussing over it with their clients”.

Francis taught us it was enough to open the flat to show people but somehow, a few of them had asked me about the nearby amenities and even though I was hardworking enough to do a little research by myself, it was not enough. I did not find the nearest market and the sudden question stunned me but I honestly declared my lack of knowledge.

Luckily, everyone who called was friendly. After picking up a few calls, I got a bit used to what they would ask and could manage to reply quite fast. Anyway, most of the callers were women.

There was a guy who simply asked if I was the owner of the house and he was not interested at all after knowing the answer. I knew he must be one money minded agent who would only want to look for direct buyers and sellers so that he could make more money.

I received calls from about two direct buyers and one of them told me she read in the newspapers that buyers needed not pay commission to agents, which was quite nonsense. All agents like me were not taking any money from the company and that we had to pay for the advertising fee; obviously we were not working for free and even had to fork out money as if we were working in charity organisations.

Of course, for those agents like Kaelyn who worked for condominium companies, the companies would have the money to give them their basic pays and commission. There were different systems out in the market and some agents even collected two percents commission from buyers, which I still could not figure out why.

At night, there was a call from a lady who started nagging at the price of the flat. That was the market rate and therefore I could not do anything obviously. I was polite still since she was not aiming at me and I listened to her nagging for a few minutes.

The two early wasted calls deprived me of my sleep. It was a very tiring day.

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