The Beginning of Work

[Wednesday, 06 December, 2006]

I could not get to sleep again and even so, I woke up before noon for Francis suddenly called me. After kind of “slacking” for so long, the call brought so much excitement to me.

I reached office before 1pm and Francis started giving me some directions. I had quite a number of questions to ask him but he seemed too busy to be distracted. I finally got my “key” to the office, which was accessible every hour of the week except that during Sundays, they would not switch on the air conditioners. It was a cool system anyway with fingerprint system.

I asked Francis about renting of HDB flats and he told me it was difficult to get “lobang”. This piece of news was quite sad for I wanted to help my mum’s friend to get a bigger space and also Ouxiang who wished to move after getting employment.

Later on, we went down for lunch together with Benson and Thomas. Francis introduced us agents from other company whose company just moved office to our building. I kept quiet most of the time as they were talking in Hokkien instead of mandarin or English. I did not eat anything for my stomach was not feeling well again.

After that, Thomas drove off to settle his stuff while both Francis and I took Benson’s car to Holland Road. Francis had just rented out that bungalow, which was a big figure, and wanted to teach us some basics to bungalow.

The place was still under renovation for the new tenant requested some old stuff to be replaced. It was a well designed house full of “character” with walk-in wardrobes and even Jacuzzi inside the bathroom. I did not really like the swimming pool though as the trees had covered a portion of it and thus making it look so untidy.

We waited outside for Thomas and Mingfa as I sweated for I did not know if we were delaying Francis. Thomas arrived first in his car and Benson left later. Mingfa was taking a cab and the driver was not sure of the road, which caused the long timing. I felt it was quite a wasted trip for Mingfa did not go up to see the whole place which defeated the purpose of his journey down, wasting the cab fare.

Anyway, Francis handed the executive of a flat in Haig Road for Mingfa and I to sell. It was a JTC property and commission was pathetic low. If any agent was to co-broke with us, we could not even get more than $300. However, I was satisfied enough to start working after “rotting” for so long. I described myself as “rotting” for nobody really understood my time spent on web design and other stuffs were kind of useful in some ways.

We took Thomas’ car back to office. Francis told us to get an Order to Purchase form from any HDB office and I was quite confused for he could easily point out that there was one branch so near our office. I supposed it was training. I went back to office to check the price of the flat. Then, Mingfa and I had a little bite at the cake shop downstairs before we went to the HDB branch office to make a mockery by requesting for “order to purchase” form instead of “option to purchase” form.

After that, we went our own ways. Since it was hot, I went back to the office to enjoy the air-con while I read through the documents, which was quite alien to me. I tried the software to search for rental of HDB flat and later a quite pretty girl was using the computer besides me. I left soon to avoid embarrassment for I did not really know how to use the software.

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