The Fragile Internet

A respectable person, whom I could not remember, had told me before that the internet was so solid built that even an atomic bomb could not destroy it. This was quite true for the network was laid all over the world, interconnecting each other, that there were always multiple routes for the signals to be travelled; but I always reserved my doubts.

I was totally amazed when the MSN was down that was caused by the earthquake in Taiwan and I had never thought of the impact could be so big. There was no connection to several websites and I almost thought Max-Online was giving the problems.

There were lesser people coming online and blogs were not updated. Reports showed that more earthquakes would continue to strike Taiwan and I was not sure what other problems would it cost.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Natural Disasters, please do not take away our privilege of using the internet!

After all, I get to learn that the laying of physical network is magnificent work that it will take at least three months to fully stabilize the network. Whereas, ships are transporting diver cable men to repair all the damages, which is so cool.

Hopefully those lamers in the internet will learn to appreciate internet and stop causing annoyance to others. If you cannot contribute, at least do not destroy.

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