To Chinatown and Plaza Singapura

[Sunday, 03 November, 2006]

My younger brother wanted to accompany me to shop for pants but I realised I already had one pair while my elder brother had more for me. I dropped the idea of spending money when I was not earning.

Singapore Public Transport Map for $6

We went out anyway, with my mum. First stop was at Chinatown where he bought his new phone using my mum’s M1 line to renew contract. We took a little walk at the Popular bookshop upstairs and I bought my public transport map. The map was cool and I knew it from the Shopping King, Gilbert. It was a good investment.

Next, we took the NEL to Dhoby Ghaut and went to Plaza Singapura. Sadly, I was not even sure of how to get there directly from the underpass and saw to my lack of knowledge when my brother led the way.

We went to the food court where they took their early dinner whereas I took nothing for my floated stomach. It had been for weeks that my stomach was giving me problems which seemed like indigestion. After sitting down, I got much better but at the expense of watching my mum eat the spaghetti with fillet.

After eating, we went to the Daiso, which was the main purpose of the visit. This $2 Japanese shop was a huge attraction the famous IMM and this branch eventually brought convenience to many people who stayed further from Jurong East. It was not as big as the main outlet but the labelling of goods was better. However, the best thing about this Plaza Singapura’s Daiso was that there were more cute shoppers.

My younger brother went to meet his platoon-mates after that and I went home with my mum.

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