Weak Ankle

[Saturday, 09 December, 2006]

Mingfa and I were taking bus 187 from Tanjong Katong Road to Clementi and I was playing with my K800i. I was kind of addicted to the game Civilisation 3 after not touching it for years. The availability of it on the phone proved too much convenience but would certainly disrupt my rest during journeys.

When we reached Neil Road, Mingfa asked me to get down to transfer to a cab immediately as his Zhenghua players had reached Clementi ITE and that Mingfa was holding the key to the cage which the balls were kept. It became a fast journey but somehow playing on the cab made me giddy.


His Zhenghua players were impressive, whereas his three Clementi Town boys, who I almost forgotten, were quite friendly. Jingkun aka KKF came after some time. I supposed I was lack of sleep that I was quite slow. As the Clementi Town girls were playing with the Zhenghua boys, I continued with my game.

Sleeping Pigson

Later on, Wilson arrived and dozed off immediately. I had a very relaxing game after that with the kids. However, when the big matches came as the outsiders arrived, the requirement to jump gave me big problem on my left ankle. I felt so irritated for my operation was on my calf and yet the muscle was connected to give me weak ankle, and with the jumping weeks ago it was kind of sprained.

During the free spike, I only managed to do it nice for once. During the real games, I could not jump properly and the phobia had worsened it. I spiked countless balls onto the net and lost so many points. The floor was kind of more slippery somehow, which did not give me enough friction to move easily to save some of the balls.

When I was so pissed with everything, I decided to tip the ball instead and I managed to cause a huge impact where the ball flew swiftly towards the centre ground of the opponents’ court. Everyone was very impressed and I was quite proud of myself for once for my first ever tipping of the ball over, which was a powerful one. Mingfa told me I had fully stretched my hand, which was very good.

After winning the game again, I took my rest and started playing my game again. Towards the last game, I became a telephone operator. Then, we went to meet Meijun at Clementi Central, reaching near 10.30pm. We went MacDonald’s instead of the usual coffee shop as everyone was gathering there to watch soccer matches for free.

After hanging around there and hearing some of their funny stories during their secondary school days, Weitat drove me home together with Wilson, Jingkun and one of the Clementi Town boys who were going for a driving spree in the dangerous driver’s car.

The wish to recover from the ankle problem was huge.

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