51 to 05, Do You Still Want Your Ferrari?

For the past few days, it was not even half as relaxing as what I had expected. The mental stress was a torment. I was one of the most “unluckiest” ones because most of them basically did not need to do anything.

I slept at almost any time of the day but not for longer than a few minutes. It was a tough job manning the radio. Given time to rest properly, though at uncomfortable position, my insomnia played with me and the mosquitoes tried to molest me. I was so unprepared because I was told that I would probably be in the air conditioner room.

Anyway, it was a good experience. Though I was not briefed of what I was doing and practically I still could not figure out the entire exercise, it was interesting at times. The jokes in the seriousness filled the boringness at times.

Again, what I had benefited most was to be able to make more new friends – Hin Fatt, Adrian and Benjamin.

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