My Valentine’s Day Celebration

It was a long day and I ended work at my “brother’s side” of the office. They talked all day long about work but I still managed to catch some jokes. At 7pm, I went down to the hall but most of them had not arrived. It was not long before I started to feel fatigue. When Weitat told me to get changed to join him in warming up, I dozed off instead.

The rest of them arrived at as late as 8pm and thus, I did not sleep for long before getting up. Feeling exhausted, I could not really play good volleyball. The worst thing was that I had forgotten to trim my fingernails and the fear of accidents broke my momentum.

Mingfa’s students did not play well and thus, he sent them off before the last game. The remaining eight of us had fun playing four on four and I managed to get back some touches. I felt pain when I was supposed to be immune to it already and that showed how I was lack of volleyball playing.

Weitat had to rush home by midnight to offer joss sticks to the “heaven” and thus we could not go anywhere far. Therefore, we went to the “half chicken” stall near NTUC. It had been long since we dropped by there after volleyball. The price for everything had increased fifty cents. Since it was already very late, I did not manage to enjoy the chicken chop.

After that, I shamelessly hopped onto Wilson’s car again and became their lightblub at the end of this very special day.

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