My Valentine’s Day Celebration

It was a long day and I ended work at my “brother’s side” of the office. They talked all day long about work but I still managed to catch some jokes. At 7pm, I went down to the hall but most of them had not arrived. It was not long before I started to feel fatigue. When Weitat told me to get changed to join him in warming up, I dozed off instead.

The rest of them arrived at as late as 8pm and thus, I did not sleep for long before getting up. Feeling exhausted, I could not really play good volleyball. The worst thing was that I had forgotten to trim my fingernails and the fear of accidents broke my momentum.

Mingfa’s students did not play well and thus, he sent them off before the last game. The remaining eight of us had fun playing four on four and I managed to get back some touches. I felt pain when I was supposed to be immune to it already and that showed how I was lack of volleyball playing.

Weitat had to rush home by midnight to offer joss sticks to the “heaven” and thus we could not go anywhere far. Therefore, we went to the “half chicken” stall near NTUC. It had been long since we dropped by there after volleyball. The price for everything had increased fifty cents. Since it was already very late, I did not manage to enjoy the chicken chop.

After that, I shamelessly hopped onto Wilson’s car again and became their lightblub at the end of this very special day.


Recently, I have been engrossing with this “new” show on channel 8 called “新醉打金枝” (Túy đả kim chi), shown on every Monday to Wednesday, at 1030h. It is actually an old China show filmed three years ago and sadly, Mediacorp only releases it now. This forty episodes series show is a comedy with very cute characters and plotting. The ending song gives a tranquillity feeling.

编 剧:邝业生
上 映:2005年
地 区:中国大陆
语 言:国语
颜 色:彩色
时 长:40集
类 型:连续剧 爱情片 古装喜剧

张家辉 饰 郭 暧
蔡 琳 饰 升 平
蒙嘉慧 饰 欧阳英
刘庭羽 饰 洛 霞
王 琳 饰 宝 妃
唐 群 饰 荷 花
乔振宇 饰 秦 风
李 立 饰 李修文
洪剑涛 饰 皇 帝
王志华 饰 郭子仪

新醉打金枝 – 片头曲 (Opening Song)

We Have Not Grown Up

It was not really insane to play volleyball on the third day of Chinese New Year. It was time that matter the most.

Did it worth spending more than six hours outside? Did I really have the time to spare?

I’m actually quite sick of all the injuries. I’m lagging behind time. I’m not getting any better. I feel odd to see weird expressions like as if I owe money.

I feel ridiculous to see people joke with people who they dislike. Sometimes I just do not know what is going on. Can a group of friends with hidden disputes progress or even last?

Perhaps, everyone has not grown up but time has already started to tear us down.

Lunar Chinese New Year 2008

Chinese New Year Eve saw some packing of the house. Reunion dinner was as per normal. I was quite sick of the steamboat for it happened more than just once each year, and every time I had to feast on it for numerous continuous days.

My plan to comb down the pasar malam at Chinatown for cheap goodies was killed once again. It was quite stupid to go down early and thus I did not join my family members earlier. I went down at 3am but unfortunately, met them at the junction. Both my brothers wanted to go home but my mum decided to tag on to me.

I did not have much time and I would not want to waste any. I just wanted to speed up in all the crowded alleys and get whatever was cheap, in the shortest time. My pace was usually swift and far beyond your imagination, but this time, I knew I was grounded. I gave up on everything. Other than my preparation being trampled, I had to endure on the wastage of time and boring journey.

Basically, I allowed my mum to lead the way and she was basically far worse than any road idiot who had actually stayed near the place for more than twenty years. Alas, we reached the big field opposite Maxwell Market, besides the Fo Ya Shi. My mum bought some trays for placing utensils and I bought a shoes rack which looked more presentable than our neighbour’s, but everything was under my account.

First day of the New Year to my auntie’s house was the standard order by my mum. We got up late as usual and packed Burger King before approaching the bus-stop, where my mum flagged for the cab just before an approaching bus. That was really sudden and luckily the bus driver did not horn at us. However, it was really stupid to take a cab when we had already made our way to the bus-stop.

We met the usual gang of relatives who visited my auntie. We were all amazed by my toothless uncle who was chewing on hard food like nuts and bak kwa. It was the only occasion when this two non-working and sick couple would accept our money as a form of ang bao. Things turned a bit sour when my youngest uncle returned and we left soon. However, my mum forgot to take her phone along and my younger brother had to go back to retrieve it from the insane youngest uncle, who in his fifties, still acting like a less than ten years old kid, and his jokes were absolutely not funny at all.

At night, we went to春到河畔 and my mum’s main motive was to find the big fortune god’s statue to collect the “gold” from him. The pasar malam stalls were mostly rented by China people and some of the items were quite interesting. For some items, you probably needed to slash down the price a lot.

We walked to Lao Pa Sat for supper on the way home. It was an irritating experience as we were followed by the hawkers for ridiculously from one end of the food centre to the other end. If the government was not going to do something about this aggressive pulling of customers, Singapore’s reputation would certainly fall. That was not the end for the other hawkers were clinging to us. Luckily there were many empty tables and we could easily avoid all of them. We had twenty chicken satay, costing as expensive as sixty cents each. Four cups of tek tarrik proved to me that not all Indian tea stalls were good; that was the most awful tek tarrik we had ever tasted.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, we were supposed to visit my dad’s youngest brother. He had repeatedly reminded us to go over for lunch but we all woke up with food on the table. My mum bought chay kuay teow for us to share and we had to finish the food before leaving the house. We managed to reach Hougang soon but were overwhelmed with the earlier food that we did not take lunch immediately. That was the second and last place to get ang bao every year. The red packets were not big but at least, better than nothing. It was fun playing with my nephews and nieces. We stayed till 10pm and left after watching the Kungfu Soccer on channel 8. My uncle drove us back home.

Anyway, I missed all the gatherings with my buddies.

Still Immature

Some people are very weird. They try to battle one another to ask questions during lesson like as if the examinations are on the next day. When opportunity comes for them to ask questions, they know not many people will turn up for the lesson and they choose to follow the cloud.

Where are the efforts?

It shows clearly the attitude of each of them. If their responsibility for their own studies is so shallow, nobody can help them.

Time will eventually bring them to maturity but only if it is not too late, their future will be a brighter one.

The Weirdest Steamboat

It was a weird occasion. I was not greedy for any free big meal but was dragged in by kind intention. I did not know everyone well and actually, got to pack up my house before the Lunar Chinese New Year.

Anyway, I went with them and was actually feeling quite awkward and sometimes, indulging in the silence. Steamboat was never same like any of the previous times in my life because my table was basically doing our own cooking and not minding each other’s business. We exchanged smiles at times, looking at the next table where there were more jokes and laughers.

None of us was anti-social but it was just that we did not have many opportunities in office to talk to each other when everyone was so busy and spending most of the time in the classrooms instead.

Kok Chiang and Ah Teck were at the other table since they arrived later; it was actually the entire group arriving much earlier than the stated time. It did not matter much since both of them usually did not really talk to me despite we had been playing volleyball together for so many years.

I really wanted to stay behind in school, at least to finish up a bit of my work and spending the rest of the time watching volleyball at the hall and having dinner with my gang after that.