The Weirdest Steamboat

It was a weird occasion. I was not greedy for any free big meal but was dragged in by kind intention. I did not know everyone well and actually, got to pack up my house before the Lunar Chinese New Year.

Anyway, I went with them and was actually feeling quite awkward and sometimes, indulging in the silence. Steamboat was never same like any of the previous times in my life because my table was basically doing our own cooking and not minding each other’s business. We exchanged smiles at times, looking at the next table where there were more jokes and laughers.

None of us was anti-social but it was just that we did not have many opportunities in office to talk to each other when everyone was so busy and spending most of the time in the classrooms instead.

Kok Chiang and Ah Teck were at the other table since they arrived later; it was actually the entire group arriving much earlier than the stated time. It did not matter much since both of them usually did not really talk to me despite we had been playing volleyball together for so many years.

I really wanted to stay behind in school, at least to finish up a bit of my work and spending the rest of the time watching volleyball at the hall and having dinner with my gang after that.

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