Volleyball after Reservist

After missing two sessions of volleyball game, I finally got to get back to the court again. I was, however, hesitating to leave the house; there were too many things to do and I was just too tired.

Sleepiness took control over me and I felt doped. This evening, there were another team who came over. Without properly warm-up, I started into the game and was caught in embarrass situation where I lost points during spiking. After the first game, Mingfa mentioned about Edison Chen and until then I realised Shengli was among the team; that described how sleepy I was. Like usual, when there were too many people, I would play as libero even when I was ready to float in the air and itch for more spiking.

The game ended late. Supper was at East Coast Park’s Hong Kong Café again. It happened like all other time that they served wrong food again. However, I had to admit that the food was quite tasty even though I always took only the same few dishes.

On the way home, Mingfa took over Wilson’s car. They advised me to take up driving again and I really hoped to do it except that money was too big an issue. Unlike any of my friends, there was a big burden on my shoulder.

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