Third Alone Trip to Marina South Pier

I made my third alone trip to Marina South Pier just now. I actually wanted to go in the early morning but it was unwise to jog without sleep.

I took my lunch really late and even though I set off near sunset, I felt the stiff on my intestine at the start. I managed to press on till my destination but timing was really bad. The place was more crowded than usual, which was not a good timing.

I took a walk at the front of the restaurant at the second storey called “Pier Eleven”. It was the first time the staff handed me their namecard, which I quite liked the clean design. Maybe I should try it in future.

I could not stay as long as previous times since it was already very late. I dragged on my feet on the return path. It was never good to be alone at night for somehow loneliness was at its mightiest. For the first time, I did not have confidence of getting back. Instead of jogging straight to near NTUC, I stopped right besides the Singapore Conference Hall; at least, I did manage to make it back.

It seems quite impossible to have friends jogging there with me anymore.

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