Cashier Order and Shop at Vivocity

On Saturday, Gilbert made arrangement to go to Marina South Pier. It was a busy morning for me since I had to rush down to the POSBank to buy cashier order to pay for my school fee.

I received two missed calls from numbers which were not in my contact list. Just as I was locking the door, I received another call again and I realised it was from Meihoe. Mr Ng had invited me out for lunch and I felt too pampered over it.

I arrived at the bank and was so fortunate that there was no queue. I tried to cash in a cheque but the bank teller told me I had to drop it at the box outside. Next, I found out about buying the cashier order and even though she told me I had to pay a five dollar fee, I did not want to waste my trip down. Next, I found out about the maximum purchase using NETS could be adjusted to $3000 per day and the maximum for ATM withdrawal was only $2000.

I went home to place everything back and gave Gilbert a call and he insisted me to put on the new clothes and shoes, and thus, it took me ages to get out of my house. I met him below his office and walked over to Keppel Road to take a bus towards Vivocity instead of Marina South Pier since the sky was getting dark.

We had our lunch at the Food Republic food court and I got myself the usual chicken chop but it was not as yummy as in the past anymore. The shopping trip started and I finally got to buy Gilbert his birthday gift. I also got myself a sleeveless shirt to make my collection four. Nevertheless, the stay at Topman shop was too long and exhausted me.

Gilberto in his new jacket

Me at the corner of the seat. The lighting was quite special.

The sauces

We took a rest at a new restaurant called Barcelos. My focus was on one of the staffs who looked like primary school kid as I remembered in the past, there used to be an age limit for youngsters to work part-time.

It was getting late and we had to call off the plan to the Marina South Pier.

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