Dinner and Shopped with Family

I started my lazy Sunday late. The most eventful thing was the dinner with my family. My elder brother wanted to taste the curry fish head at Chinatown again but he had to accommodate me since I did not like taking fish. My mum chose the usual sting ray stall and we had two plates of sting rays and a plate of prawn at $8 each, and a plate of vegetable at $4.

After that, we went to the nearest CK departmental stall to shop. The basement had been renovated and there were less tidbits since the new shelves were shorter. However, the entire place looked much brighter. We got three cute baskets after choosing for quite some time since the quality was so bad that many of them were already damaged or scratched. I felt quite pressurized at the perfume section when my mum mentioned that the perfume I gave her a few years ago was very nice because it cost over a hundred dollar.

It was a great night for family’s togetherness.

After reaching home, I started packing the wardrobe. I cleared some unwanted clothes and there were still many which I could not bear to part with. In fact, I had so many new shirts inside, which I felt unnecessary to use them. I found a short sleeve shirt which my younger brother bought for me at Thailand, which he claimed was expensive. Since it was kind of rainbow coloured and thus not very formal, I was not sure if I should wear it to work.

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