Gave Badminton a Miss

The flu tablet caused excess drowsiness on me. I did not take it in the morning and I totally forgot about the lozenges as well until I was at the carpark.

The Photoshop work was handed over to me and it was really tough since Yuanyuan had merged the texts with the background previously, and now that they wanted to make changes to the text as well. On a plain background would be much easier but it was fanciful designed and I had to perform some magic so that the amended texts would look normal with the edited background. It required lots of time and patience.

Lunch was at the canteen with my two buddies and Daniel. I bought food from the usual mixed vegetable rice stall but this time, I chose fried fish instead of chicken cutlet. Mdm Seet joined in the table to create lots of laughers.

The afternoon kept me busy and it was torturing in my drowsy state to walk around. Things were still okay, except for a very immature and arrogant kid who was rude. I tried to control myself to tolerate such bitch because I did not want to make the first attempt to shout at girls. It was pointless to try to save anyone who did not want to save himself or herself.

Jingkun, Weitat, Meihoe, Dorothy and Vivian were playing badminton. I could not join in due to my illness. So, I walked to the MRT together with Daniel.

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