KO Graduation Party

Wednesday morning was a bad start of the day with a sudden changes requirement in the poster amendment. Though it was long anticipated with the previous experience, I was quite frustrated over the never-ending amendments.

I was in my new shirt which I bought during the previous shopping trip with Gilbert. Since it was more stylishly designed,

I attended the KO’s graduation party. It was an unexpectedly early celebration for there was still around three more months towards the end of their struggle. We had endless photo-taking sessions and two rounds of cake-eating sessions because Chun Leng was having his birthday.

Since the celebration stretched till after lunch time, and I had to grab a “bao” and “siew mai”.

The most frustrating thing was to receive an email regarding more amendments to the poster, which I felt all instructions should be given at one shot.

In the afternoon, we had a short badminton session. Since Weitat wanted to take a shower, Jingkun left in a rush first. Suddenly Weitat decided to go home directly but it was too late for me to catch Jingkun’s car since I was too tired to run anymore, and I did not want to dirt his car with my sweat.

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