Lunch at Anchor Point

On Friday, Jennifer, Daniel, Jingkun, Weitat, Elvin, Kevin, Mahani and I lunched out together. We went to IKEA but it was too crowded that we decided to switch over to the opposite building – Anchor Point.

The food court did not sell halai food and thus, we proceeded to the small banquet at the centre. I had a plate of chicken briyani and it tasted good.

Jennifer could not wait to find a place to sit down for tea but Elvin and Daniel had to hurry back to office. She decided to grab some buns from the cake shop but both of them had taken a cab back. The rest of us spent some time at the Billabong outlet to glance at the cheap stuffs but I did not get anything since my wardrobe was already full. Jennifer was very impressed by Weitat’s knowledge on shopping.

After reaching office, I continued with my website but realised I did not bring my thumbdrive at the end of the day.


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