NP Ex Classmates Meet-up for Christmas

I was expecting a big cool mass meet-up on Thursday, Christmas day itself. Jason and Lynn organised the NP ex classmates gathering to meet up at Cityhall and I thought everyone would be late since it was a big group outing but it turned out to be a bigger surprise.

I made myself late for fifteen minutes and Cher Fong was already there with Jason. Then, I was informed that Lynn had decided to fly us aeroplane due to her last minute issue. Huiwen changed her mind and Ziying followed suit. Some of the rest were not informed properly and when I called Shilin, she told me she was not coming anymore.

We made our way to Shokudo at the basement of Raffles City. It was my virgin visit and I was quite surprised by the system. Everyone was issued a card each to be scanned for each food we were to purchase. It was like a food court style except that we had to queue up at the entrance and wait for our tables so that there was more order this way.

The three of us walked around to search for food while waiting for Wen Chang’s arrival. I ordered a Teriyaki chicken burger set and it tasted quite good, except for the bread covering the meat was huge. The serving of the French fries was great with the portion and yummy taste. The meal cost me ten bucks exactly.

We had great chat and what we lacked of was Benson’s DSLR camera, and of course, the presence of some females to make the outing not so gayish.


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