Photoshop Editing – Feather tool

On Tuesday, the canteen was crowded and the Chinese vegetable rice stall owners did not prepare enough food. I was queueing up for the pathetic number of dishes left and it was until my turn when even the white rice was finished. I continued to wait there but the new rice never seemed to be able to be cooked. After standing there for a total of around fifteen minutes, I gave up.

I hated doing invigilation and the time spent always seemed like days. By the end of the day, I was dead beat though I actually did not do many things.

At night, I wanted to update outdated pictures into my blog but I spent hours editing some of them and eventually uploaded them into Friendster and Tagged accounts. It was a good learning process and I finally got more familiar with the Photoshop’s very basic tool called “Feather”. The simple task simply lasted me till after midnight.

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