Property Site for Portfolio

After hours of debugging, with countless brain cells being massacred and butts sweating like having fever, I managed to fine tune the property website, which was done around two years ago.

Since I started off with complete blue background and later, decided that visibility was better with white background, the borders of the pictures were yet left untamed. I did some improvement on the favicon and the bottom edge of the page. One thing which took me lots of time was smoothening of the contents’ frame; since it was made up of different slices of my original Photoshop design, piecing them up nicely somehow had to sacrifice some spaces. The most sickening portion of the campaign was the alignment of the contents when Internet Explorer behaved differently from Firefox, and it took me many trial and errors to find a perfect solution to display the site properly in both browsers.

Alas, I could confidently add the site into my portfolio even though many more improvements could be done.


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