Reinstall Windows

I reformatted my operating system around twelve hours ago after more than one and a half year. The old Windows was far too slow and did my system wrong. It did not help no matter how many registry cleaners and anti-spywares software I tried since windows systems were designed this way.

I left the computer running while I went to sleep and when I woke up at eight AM, starting to configure everything before realising I had two operating systems. Immediately, I realised what had gone wrong and had to reinstall the windows again, but I made sure I did a clear reformat before that. I went back to sleep but it was not easy even though I was very lack of the rest. Many weird dreams accompanied me throughout the two hours of nap.

The new operating system looked cool with many preinstalled software even though I was quite afraid that they might slow the system down; but everything seemed to work well.

The only problem I faced was the MSN Live version 2009, which I had tried a few days ago could not work after the reformatting. Everytime after I logged in, it would display error and if I were to close that window, MSN would log me off.

After surfing around, I realised there were some bugs with this beta version of MSN. There was no luck with solving despite downloading some updates stated in forums. When I tried to switch back to MSN 8.5, I realised the groups that I had set were messed up, probably because the latest version had its own “favourite” and “group” categories.

The most tedious software to install were PHP, SQL and Textpad and that was the main issue I did not want to reformat the system since half a year ago.

Reinstallation of Mozilla Firefox was not so bad with the use of the add-ons, FEBE and Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, and things were back to usual.


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