Shop at City Square, Johor Bahru

I woke up exceptional early on the freezing Monday morning. After washing up and bathing, it was almost 9.30 AM when we took off from the house. My younger brother, my mum and I boarded bus 75 from Cantonment Link towards Bukit Timah and stopped near Bukit Timah Shopping Centre to transit to bus 170, which kept us waiting for very long. All of the buses arrived, inclusive of another bus 75, before we flagged for the next bus 170.

We stopped at Causeway Checkpoint. The new system allowed us to scan the passport manually and then by placing our thumb on the scanner, we could avoid the long queue with the foreigners. The old bus conductor was very fierce and he was probably trained to do so with all the cheapskate and disorder people around, especially those non-Singaporeans. After re-boarding the bus and moving towards the Malaysian Checkpoint, we had to bear with the long queue to stamp our passport.

Just then, I received an SMS, telling me of the new amendment to the poster again. The date was changed. I was glad that I had not done the previous changes of the logo instructed on last Friday.

We arrived at City Square at around noon, and my younger brother was already late for one and a half hour for his eyes checkup. He was lucky as usual to get into the room immediately without queuing up. My mum made hot Milo for us, which kept our stomach filled.

The nearest restaurant at the basement was Secret Recipe. While we were going up the escalator, I saw a pretty girl holding boxes of chess set made of glass, which was similar to one of my collections.

We had lunch at a restaurant near Mary Brown, which the specialty was Portuguese chicken. The sauce to the noodle was superb and unique, however, the fish was too salty and that the chicken tasted normal. My mum had a bowl of chendol but could not finish it.

We started combing shops like Factory Outlet Shop and Rejected shops for cheap yet good quality stuffs. We even walked around Popular and some gift shops. Ever since buying the short sleeve shirt at Freshbox shop, I only set my eyes on the more stylish type and not just a plain format one. It took me the entire hour to just get a short sleeve shirt costing nearly RM$50, which had surpassed the price of all my brother’s wears.

Anyway, I felt uneasy to spend my mum’s money though she was the one asking me not to go to the money exchanger since she had leftover Malaysian Ringgits from the previous trips. We left at around five PM and were disappointed that there was no train service. We paid RM$2.50 each to get a bus ride directly to Queen Road, but there was this hassle to go down the bus at the Checkpoints.

At the Causeway Checkpoint, while waiting for the bus, a male Malaysian was being stopped by a bus conductor, probably due to cutting queue. He was very frustrated and spitted a couple of times towards the bus. This hooligan made me realize Singapore was a much civilized place to stay in.

The bus went by BKE, followed by PIE and probably took CTE to reach Bugis and I dozed off in the mid of the journey, and it was really fast. We crossed some roads to wait for bus 145 and 80 to proceed home.

Dinner was steamboat again.

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