Too Flattered Again

On last Friday, I finished the final amendment for the poster before lunch. Jenne sent me an email to thank me and she even included my bosses in the carbon copy. I felt too appreciated but flattered, and I did not reply her in case it would seem like I was too full of myself.

Lunch was together with Meihoe, Dorothy, Weitat, Daniel and Jingkun. We went to Clementi Avenue 2 for the duck rice again. We discussed over the badminton sessions during the soon-to-come school holidays. It was great to see Dorothy regaining her youth and behaved just like any other teenager, after hanging out with us.

Jingkun left earlier to repair his car. Weitat was involved in a seminar and thus, I had to wait for Daniel, who was too occupied with his work to leave. In the end, I left together with Alfni but she took a ride from Alex.

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