Uncle at Hospital and Night Movie with Irwin

I woke up at around 11.30 AM on Sunday morning and started to watch the stupid China show on channel 8, which Michelle Chia was involved and the filming was pulled to Singapore in the recent episodes.

My mum dragged me to the hospital in the afternoon to visit my uncle and since I knew it the night before, I did not start into any work so that the halting of progress would not irritate me. In fact, my uncle had been going to the hospital quite often and thus I was not very worried.

Along the way, my mum was asking me to give some money to my aunt since she was jobless and had to look after my uncle. I hated all these mandatory demands because I hated to be instructed to do things and especially on things which I was preparing to do. Suddenly, I was wondering if the decision to exhaust my saving for the degree course would be a wrong choice.

The long trip to the hospital was a total turn off. My mum was guiding the way as though as I was fresh to the place. When I wanted to go to the ATM machine which I remembered was near the pharmacy, my mum went her way and thus I gave up.

My aunt was scolding my uncle who was behaving worse than a child and when she mentioned about his illness since year 2000, I counted how long she had been taking care of him, facing his nuisance. She had been tortured by him for nearly nine years since his brain was infected by virus and in her childless status, she probably had forgotten how to smile.

When my uncle tried to press the alert button to get the nurse, I managed to stop him and my aunt came over to hit him on his hand. Having to hit someone whom you loved and had been taking care of you for centuries was definitely unbearable, but somehow, it was the only language now to make my uncle understand what he wanted to do was wrong.

Would love in these days last long; and would any girl be as loyal and responsible to take care of her sick spouse for a century or more?

I hated hospital and I hated hospital visiting.

We followed my aunt home, walking down the slope towards the main road and it took some time before we arrived at Kim Tian Road. My aunt was quite hostile somehow and she refused to join us for dinner. From her conversation with my mum, I realised she had been taking instant noodle for her dinner.

I seriously did not enjoy the trip at all. I was looking out for ATM machine all along the road that we passed by, having to plan how to make my aunt accept the money even if I could withdraw the money. Next, she did not even want to accept a simple dinner treat, which caused frustration in me. Things seemed to be going the opposite way for me.

Recapping my childhood days when I was staying at my aunt’s place, with all the good values being imparted to me, I had benefited so much from the poor old couple. At least, I was proud of my honesty.

My aunt was too tiny to get away and we ended up at the coffee shop nearby. My mum made the order of two small bowls of soup and a bowl of oil chicken, and I felt like eating just the plain rice even though it cost me around ten bucks. The drinks stall extorted money and charged us $1.30 for each can drink and $0.90 for a cup of coffee; it was just a normal neighbourhood coffee shop and not even a food court.

I was arranging to meet up with Irwin for golf but when I reached home, he told me his side was raining and thus he could not get out of house. Just as I thought I would only be meeting him the next day, he was too bored and suggested catching a movie together. I missed the last part of my favourite show – 鹿鼎记 – as he reached fast in his brother’s car.

We went to Vivocity and caught the show – Body of Lies. A group of teenagers was out to seek attentions at the extreme right side of the theater and the sad thing was that two of the girls who did walk past us looked quite sweet; such a waste of beauties with brainless heads to mix with fearless ah bengs who would probably get into fights someday. I did not want to curse the girls but could not help thinking how soon they would dirt their bodies.

The movie, “Body of Lies”, was quite a messy show. The scenes switched from countries to countries and that the actors spoke a little too fast for me to catch; I was totally lost at some parts of the show. The last part was definitely disgusting with the terrorist using the hammer on the hero’s fingers. There was a guy whose name sounded like “honey” and it was quite funny to hear the other actors addressing him.

After holding onto my bladder for the entire show, I finally realized that it was not a good idea to catch movie when I was sick.

I was wondering if watching a movie was a good choice since Irwin was facing his downtime and I could have probably chosen somewhere to chat with him, or even with no solution, at least to let him pour out and that was the least thing friends could do for him.

Irwin sent me home as usual.

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