Exams had Ended

The papers finally ended on Wednesday.

The first paper had forty-five MCQ questions. One mark awarded for each correct answer, zero for unattended and negative 0.25 for each wrong answer. Five options for each question and I hated the last option “none of the above”. I had to take the risk nevertheless, otherwise, it would be a definite fail.

The second paper’s first answer took me more than one and a half hour to draft out, whereas the remaining six questions were never as easy as ABC. I could not even finish everything within the three hours and fifteen minutes’ time.


Sinful Day with Food

Last Friday, lunch was a big feast at Jurong Country Club, which was located besides the old PJC campus. The food was okay.

The night was even sinful at Holland Village’s Swenson. It was the department dinner. I was not there for the free food but the gatheringness; my examinations were just days away. They ordered ice-cream and shared and I only remembered throwing many junks into my stomach. After all, I had enjoyed another plate of fish and chips again.

I merely helped “xiao mei” to get a cup of warm water when she complained it was cold and probably some other things, and I was complimented of being sweet.

The bosses wanted to go for drinks but I was responsible enough for my studies that I wanted to go home early to rest. However, my buddies and I felt so guilty for not joining.


Drive the Balls Far

Last Saturday I was supposed to go out with Irwin after the end of my assignment phase. Weeks before that we were even crapping that we could go down to the beach together.

He was running a fever and I supposed I was too slack after the months of struggle that we did not meet up until evening time, he asked me to go for golf to sweat it out. I called my mum to inform her not to get dinner for me before leaving the house.

Irwin and I tried our luck at one of the coffee shops near Queenstown MRT and that was a terrible experience to me. Three bucks for a plate of sticky rice partially covered by a few pieces of awful chicken and that would what I consider wasting of money and torturing myself.

I was not even close to an intermediate player but at least I continued to be familiarised with better swings. When Irwin exchanged his driver with my 7-Iron, I finally got to experience how swinging with less strength could increase the distance of the poor balls. I did try using the driver before but my swinging was totally off and thus, this time with a better skill, I felt so excited. However, when I returned to my 7-Iron club practise, I lost the touch again; or perhaps, the blisters had already been too hurting.


Longing, Urging

Chatting with Mike always spikes me to work harder towards my goal – web building. I’m a person who gets inspired easily but I tend to stray away from my goal since distractions hunt me down easier.

It has been so long that I have not been touching on SEO and he has somehow exceeded me. Though the advises he has given me on my website are mostly what used to reside in my brain, I have neglected the points so much that what I have built have eventually suffered a great downfall.

I cannot wait to put down everything and start working on websites, but that is what I can never commit.


MLM’s New Trick – Fake Interview

Last Friday, 06 March 2009, I received a call to ask me to go for interview. The person addressed himself as Mark from VE group.

I told him I did not apply for any job and I was not interested. He asked me a couple of times why I was not interested but I only replied him I was not interested. I questioned him how did he get my number and he told me his company had conducted surveys in universities. However, I had just changed my number a few months ago and I did not take part in any survey at anywhere. I requested him to remove my contact from his company’s database but he continued to ask me why I was not interested in the interview. I raised my voice and warned him not to harass me again, or otherwise I would call the police, and he scolded me that I would not be able to find a job next time with my attitude before putting down the phone.

The number of the caller was 65368488 and soon, I received calls from the numbers 64409271 (missed call), 64403706, 64404807, 64409271. I picked up the call and I could only hear noises like a fax machine.

I checked his number out and found out that the company was “Venture ERA Group”. There were quite a few cases of complaint over websites regarding this MLM company was conning people.


Last two Assignments Submission

Last Friday was the final two assignment submission of the Database module. The struggle inside the office to accomplish the task 4 and assignment 2 caused mild headaches.

I refused lunch out but luckily, my buddies changed their minds and decided to stay in school that I did not need to packet my rice from the canteen.

I failed to progress much in my work. However, it was a good learning process to piece my UML diagram from papers into MS Word. It was never my fore.

Just after I was joking with Hasnah to get her down to SIM to have her dinner, I met Josephine Ong who offered to give me a ride. I was quite embarrassed for I managed to find out she was actually not on her way. We did not have much time to chat because her Masda2 picked up too fast at the traffic lights.

I grabbed a burger and finished it before going into the lab, which was supposed to be empty after 5.30pm, burying my head into the computer screen again. It was a torture to eyes and mental.

I was quite ashamed of myself for not able to recall everything Mr Japit taught, but, a small clarification managed to resolve most of the doubts.

Yuanle’s little pointer solved a big problem of mine for the database. I struggled through the remaining work with me after ten PM. I felt quite embarrassed for making Mr Japit stay back – it reminded me of what I had done for others previously.