Borrowing Gilbert’s Camera, Returning Graduation Gown and Working with Irwin

[Wednesday, 28 April, 2010]

My brother invited me to a game of Command and Conquer Generals. It was the second time I moved my laptop to sit beside him to battle against the computers in the three-against-five war. I started blogging and knocked off at 5am.

In the morning, I went to meet Gilbert to borrow his camera just below his office. He took some time to explain to me regarding the functions. I felt quite bad for he had an outing on Saturday morning and he would not be able to use his camera then. Next, I went to Potong Pasir to return my graduation gown to the Serangoon Broadway photo studio. I could not recognise myself in the photo which I was having a handshake with the presiding officer, Professor Joe Chicharo, taken by them. They were good in selling products for they wanted me to get a larger version of the photo with frame at the price of $45, which I immediately rejected them.

I went to Vivocity to meet up with Irwin. I only got to see a quite pretty girl while waiting for him at the seat at level one. We proceeded to Starbucks and the golden area I sat when meeting Hoay Min previously was available and we started camping there for the entire afternoon. There were some distractions, especially from a couple. The girl sounded like a slut, raising her voice while flirting with the guy. Then, she repeatedly called “bitch” for very long that both Irwin and I felt like going over to give her a slap. An ang moh sitting behind the guy and besides our table seemed to be irritated by them and left.

It was not a very good afternoon for me for I had designer’s block. At least, I got to read through one edition of the Home Décor magazine, and some of the designs impressed me a lot.

We left in the early evening and had ultra late lunch at Long John’s Silver. We went to Daiso where I got myself another belt to replace the current one. After that, we played a round of basketball at the arcade. I tested Gilbert’s camera and the battery bar dropped very soon.


We Worked and We Ate

[Tuesday, 27 April, 2010]

I played LANs game with my brother and we caught the shows on Discovery Channel together. In the end, I slept at 5am, which was earlier than the days before.

Meeting Irwin at Orchard MRT made me proud for my time estimation was excellence that I arrived just around five minutes earlier. However, he took the wrong direction’s train and thus I had to wait at the platform for half an hour.

He brought me to Shaw House and we started having Mosburger after U-turn from the MacDonald’s since he did not like Mac breakfast. We started working at the open air MacCafe after breakfast. It was a good place to work at only if it came without the presence of the smokers. I could feel that my entire body stink and I was so uncomfortable throughout. Our late lunch was takeaway MacDonald’s from the nearby outlet.

In the evening, we went to Far East Plaza, followed by ION where we took second round of dinner in such short time interval from the previous meal. The Go Go Curry claimed to be the best curry in the world. My stomach was bloated even though I took only one quarter of the big portion of food shared.

We decided to walk to my house in order to digest the food and the sudden heavy rainfall welcomed us for a few minutes. We proceeded on and stopped by Liang’s Court for toilet break before resting by the side of the river next to The Central. Irwin wanted to continue with work but the MacDonald’s at Funnan Centre did not have power supply and the TCC was going to close in an hour’s time. After walking to Clarke Quay, we took a cab and Irwin dropped me at my place.


Mum’s Birthday and Setting up Tze Khit’s New Gym

[Sunday, 25 April, 2010]

I reached home at around 4am after Weiye dropped me near my house. I went to withdraw money and three Malay guys approached me to transfer two bucks over to one of their bank accounts because he did not have enough money inside his account to withdraw the minimal amount. After the guy passed me the two dollars worth of coins, I felt quite unsafe. It was in fact very dangerous to do it since they would get to know my account number.

After reaching home, I got my mum to search for her birthday present which I placed on my younger brother’s table. After that, I gave her a hundred bucks. She was pleased with both the present and cash. I was satisfied with myself for the first time for getting a present which she liked. I was, however, still quite frustrated over getting Jingkun’s present since the volleyball group knew what they needed and would get everything by themselves; moreover, I had much different taste from them somehow.

I had late lunch with my brother and his girlfriend at Subway at Amara hotel. After that, we went up to the newly opened Sportslink shop at level three. We were not very satisfied with the prices of the stuffs even though they claimed everything was on sales. After that, I went to Tze Khit’s new gym to pay him a visit but he was not around. His colleagues and friends did not question me even though I stood inside for quite long before Tze Khit returned. Since my family was having early dinner, I did not stay there for long.

The couple and I went to Kampong Bahru Road. We decided on the coffee shop there so that my aunt would join us for the dinner since it was near her place. My mum came over with my aunt and we started ordering from the seafood stall. I knew I would be using quite a bit of strength at night and somehow my appetite was better than usual. The entire meal including the drinks cost me over forty bucks.

After reaching home, I cleared my email before going down to join Tze Khit at his gym. My first task was to get the six strong men dinner inclusive of twelve drinks. They suggested chicken rice but later, told me I could get them anything. It was already nine o’clock. I rushed over to Maxwell food centre and as I had expected, nothing there could really fill the six guys’ stomachs. I went to Chinatown Complex food centre but the chicken rice stall was closed. In the end, I went across the street to the shophouse to get the chicken rice. While waiting, I went to CK departmental store to get six cans of coke. I collected the food before going to Maxwell food centre to get six cans of cold drinks from the drinks stall. The uncle gave me a small packet of ice.

I realised I made a blunder in getting the food as I did not insist on getting breast meat. In the end, there were bones and Tze Khit hated the chicken wings. I remembered that the shop’s name consisted of “boneless” and thus I was too comfortable with them. At least, I was quite satisfied in myself for saving some bucks for Tze Khit by getting cheaper drinks. The rush to get the stuffs back fast weakened me quite a lot.

Tze Khit went home after having his dinner to get some stuff. I stayed behind to help fix up some of the gym machines. It was tedious to tighten up the screws. I almost thought the gym machines came in one piece until I went over to help out.

Some people would probably think I was stupid to spend my time helping others while I could at least spend the time playing game to relax myself even if I did not start looking for jobs. I thought the culture of helping one another should be spread because nobody knew he would need helps as well in future. Helping others did bring myself happiness.


Virgin Visit to St. James

[Saturday, 24 April, 2010]

I had supper at Maxwell food centre with my family. The noodle was at quite reasonable price at two bucks each bowl. The iced lemon teas from both drinks stall were disappointing. The night was still young, or rather, the morning was too early.

I met up with Irwin in the afternoon at Vivocity. We went to Burger King where Irwin took his early dinner. I got a birthday present for my mum, which was a moving display plant, ran by solar energy. I was almost trapped at the Cannon shop, dwelling on the cool cameras, which I needed quite badly. Eugene joined us at White Dog Café and Irwin took his second dinner. I did not enjoy the fish and chips as much as previous time.

Next, we went to St. James. We tried the Smoke Lounge but only to sit around the bar since we had to open a bottle in order to get a table. We waited patiently for the live band while Irwin treated me to a glass of Singapore Sling. I did not really enjoy alcoholic drinks including cocktail. I tried to slip as much as I could but I could never catch up with Irwin’s speed.

During the band’s performance, an uncle in his white hair and polo tee stood right in front of the low platform to harass the sexily dressed Latin singers. I thought it was a good interaction until the second song started, the man went back to do the same disgusting actions of pointing to the girls and pinching his index finger and thumb together to form a hole. Irwin got very disgusted and ordered us to leave. Since I wanted to stay conscious, I did not bottom up the remaining of my drinks before leaving, wasting more than one-third of the drinks.

After that, we met up with Huiling and her boyfriend back at Vivocity. We went to one of the bars to chill while waiting for Weiye. He reminded me of Kachua’s happy-go-luckiness and I was so glad to see him after so many years since we graduated from secondary school. The couple left while the remaining four of us went to Party World to battle against each other. It was one of the few times I would heck care about my out-of-tone singing.


Graduation Ceremony

[Friday, 23 April, 2010]

It was the day of my long awaited graduation ceremony. I tried to sleep at 3am but it took way long for me to doze off, not because I was excited, but due to the fact that I had been sleeping during daylight.

My aunt came over to my house in the morning. I was not very interested in attending the graduation ceremony since I would get my certificate no matter what; however, Josephine replied to my Facebook status that it was for my parents. My mum finally decided to iron my graduation robe and she complained it was a very tedious job. I wanted to help her but decided it would be better for her to do it.

We set off at 11.30am. The waiting for bus 75 was very long but I had the time planned well. Registering at the counter right after reaching SIM, the ladies apologised badly for not able to issue my certificate on that day. I went to the dressing room and there were quite a number of staffs, probably from the photo studio, helping all the graduates to dress up. I finally put on the graduation robe properly. I felt like as if I was filming in the Harry Potter movies.

I had another long wait, sitting on the chair inside the hall where the speakers dragged the time though they looked smart and did speak well. The only focus I had in mind was to present myself smartly on the stage where video cameras were pointing and close-up would be projected on the two screens instantly. It was finally something exciting to me. On the stage, after trying hard to act cool for a while, I almost turned blank. After receiving the certificate of attendance, I went back to the same seat and there were speeches after the top graduate made his words.

We finally had our sixteen bucks per pax buffet and both my mum and aunt tried hard to make sure the money was worth it, which could never be. I had phototaking with my classmates outside the library. Phototaking with my family was never complete without my younger brother, which was one of the greatest reasons I did not really feel so excited for the day.

I went to Singapore Polytechnic straight away to meet up with my ex-colleagues. I was quite puzzled why Alvin was giving the treat and later he told me he finally got promoted to the senior lecturer post after taking the role for so long. Since Joy, Weitat, Afni and KK were not going, I was quite stunned. Luckily, Hirman joined in to create lots of fun. Diana took the seat beside me after my persuasion to add more delight to the evening.

Weiming sent me to Commonwealth MRT station where I took the train home, feeling guilty that I could not accompany my family for dinner.


Haircut and Portfolio Good Progress

[Thursday, 22 April, 2010]

My mum started playing cards, which distracted me. I slept after 4am again, knowing I had to start sleeping early before my graduation ceremony.

I gave my hairdresser a call and she told me to call her back at 2pm. Then, she made me wait for another hour. I got the same short haircut.

I spent the entire afternoon and evening working on my portfolio, including of insertion of keywords and description to the HTML Meta tags. It was a very tedious job. I almost finished the portfolio, except that I was too tired and bored to add in descriptions for all the print-screens.


Marina Barrage under the Threatening Sky

[Wednesday, 21 April, 2010]

I caught the second half of the soccer match between Barcelona against Inter Milan with my brother. Having being jobless at the same time allowed us to communicate more.

I had a weird dream again. I was going to my uncle’s house and no matter how I tried, I could never locate it. I was as determined as usual and did not give up even though I got back to the same places again and again. I often had such dream with similar plot – doing my best and yet could not reach my destination. I came to sense and moved my physical body, after which, knowing I was dreaming, I forced myself to wake up to reduce my weariness of the search. Dream was taxing and after so many years of wondering, I could confirm it was due to one’s own imagination.

I had a slack afternoon before going off for a jog. It was one of the lousiest trips ever for I could feel my knees tearing apart at the first few steps. I persisted but the stitch on my stomach, probably caused by the water I took with the medicine before stepping out of the house, slowed me down a lot. In the mid of the journey, I could guess my timing was going to be terrible.

Even though it rained in the afternoon, the dark was still gray and threatening. By the time I reached Marina Barrage, I could only see darkness. I was not sure if the sun had set earlier or the dark cloud had made the entire sky much darker. The place was quieter than usual and only two groups of people were flying kites. I lay down near the corner after going up the slope and the freezing weather rested my mind. When I sat up, it took less than half a minute for the wet patch on the concrete to dry up. I was lazier than usual and collapsed again. Many things flew through the hollow sight with the towel covering my eyes.

Suddenly, many people walked pass and I was sure they were tourists but their languages were quite weird. They sounded like Thais but I could not confirm. When I looked at my watch, I was amazed of the ticking time. I was down there for around forty-five minutes without feeling the length.

I took off soon, feeling tougher than before but my knees were pleading me not to move off too fast. The heavy traffic at the T-junction before the Marina Bay MRT station, leading to Shenton Way, was probably slowed me down for more than half a minute. I reached Singapore Conference Hall at another disappointing timing, even though it was better than the earlier one.


Command and Conquer – No kick

[Tuesday, 20 April, 2010]

I had a hard time trying to doze off in Tuesday morning.

I continued with my portfolio for a while in the afternoon before I started playing Command and Conquer myself, winning in the three versus five game, first time using USA. I had another game with my elder brother and we defended against the five teams well.

I was hardworking at night.