A Slower Jog to Marina Barrage

[Tuesday, 6 April, 2010]

My plan to go into jogging was almost halted by my sleepiness. My back was aching. It was beyond my determination for the evening to withstand it and I actually went to lie down at 6pm, dozing off soon.

I woke up at around 7pm. I was not in a clear state of mind but I knew I did not want to skip the jog again when I was not bounded by work anymore. My mum returned home at the same time. After gearing up myself in the half awake mind, I even used the wrong key to unlock the lock.

It was very late by then. I set off from Shenton Way besides the Singapore Conference Hall at around 6.45pm after doing my warm-up, and managed to squeeze through the gays to reach Marina Barrage at the timing of 19 minutes 43 seconds. I was expecting the lousy timing since my body could not function properly after the nap. At least, I was much faster compared to the past when I had to spend around 23 minutes to complete the course.

The sky was dark by the time I reached but the stars shone brightly. A kite with some lighting caught my attention in the middle of the stars. The string had three or four lighting too to add on to the beautiful sky full of stars. I was surprised to see the usual green snake at the hour but it certainly looked much less impressive in the absence of the sunlight.

I found a less crowded spot to lie down. The night was not as windy as usual but I still managed to cool down soon. Planes tried to steal the attention of the stars and it turned out to be a more beautiful sky. If it was not for my tummy upset, I would have stayed longer.

After getting out of the toilet, I set off at around 8.45pm in my weak body. I knew I could never race against my usual timing anymore but I was quite certain that I could beat my previous timing since my return trip was always faster. As I began moving towards the T-Junction, the bus arrived. Though it had given me a good head start, I was overtaken in the end. I managed to pass by the bus-stop seconds after all the passengers alighted.

Nevertheless, my timing was 19 minutes and 42 seconds, which was only 1 second faster than the previous timing. I was quite flared up with myself.


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