Bad Warm Weather

The weather has been so weird that I cannot fully concentrate on my work. The warmness forces sweat out of the spores on my skin. Sometimes, I do not even want to lean my back on anything so that the sweat will not stain the chair, wall or even my mattress. It is difficult to get to sleep unless I am very sleepy. My mum has to put up with the absence of air-conditioner because the one inside our room is spoiled.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone would melt in Singapore, or probably, dies of heat stroke.

Every now and then, the sky turns gray like now, threatening to rain. Thus, my plan to jog to Marina Barrage always foils despite I have always been hesitating to proceed since I’m quite wary of my knees’ conditions as well. Even if it rains, the wind is weak and the air that intrudes through my windows is warm.


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