Hum Jin Peng

[Sunday, 18 April, 2010]

I had a taste of fouled milk in the early morning. The strong chocolate smell of the Cocokruch covered the soul smell and I managed to discover it after finishing one-third of the bowl. I turned to cut fruits in the refrigerator instead. Finally I got to sleep before 6am.

My mum woke me up after 1pm to have lunch at Maxwell Market with my brother and his girlfriend. The fish soup was not as nice as the one I always took at Clementi’s “dead end”. The couple went to queue up for the famous “hum jin peng” and the lady selling tissue came over and asked if anyone was sitting beside me. I was stunned when she took the seat right beside me when there were so many empty seats in the same table and that there were empty tables around as well. She started counting her money like as if I was her bodyguard for more than five minutes. Her speed was fast and thus I could see how much profitable the tissue-touting business was. Next, we went to join my brother in the long queue and I got to get a hands-on on the frying of the “hum jin peng”.

After reaching home, I started helping Xiao Mei with her website and there were some amendments intervally. I continued with my portfolio but dozed off. I managed to download some of the missing fonts but was still puzzled over why where was the entire missing folder.

I went to the toilet a few times and the waste was green in colour but it was not really a diarrhoea.


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