Mediacorp Filming with Rachelle

[Monday, 5 April, 2010]

After working hard in the morning, I could not doze off. It was to my horror that I had filming in the morning and I needed to reach Mediacorp by 8am.

I was late for around ten minutes. The guy at the wardrobe was nice like in the past. He thought I had filmed in “bao jia wei guo” and found me familiar, which I did not. I found it quite a chore for they needed me to change shirt since the colour crushed with some other actors’. I was wondering why the assistant producer did not contact me…

There was a girl in school uniform who came over to my side to look at a squirrel, trying to capture the moment. I pointed for her at the location and later on, she moved to my side to wait with me, and we began chatting. She was known by Rachelle. I sent the lady a message but she called Rachelle instead. Later on, we realised the bus was at the back and thus we got up to wait for Nat Ho before we took off to the exact filming location.

It was a long wait there. Rachelle at the age of fourteen was hyperactive and made friends easily. We had great fun chatting with the audio experts, Ah John and Ah Heng. The director, Lai Ling, was a very humorous and nice lady that I did not mind having to reach there at 8am and only got to start filming after noon.

The uncle sent both of us back to Mediacorp and offered to give us a lift to Toa Payoh since Rachelle was staying there. The wardrobe auntie started with attitude again but I seemed to have melted her. The bus driver dropped us at the front office to exchange our identification cards back and it started raining on the way to Toa Payoh. I was very worried when the chatty uncle dropped me at the MRT station and insisted to send her home directly. I regretted not asking her to exchange numbers so that she could message me once she got home. It kept me worried throughout the journey, until I reached home, added her in Facebook and she accepted me some time later.

I was alone when I got home and I tried to pack my work area and wardrobe. Before I could make a miracle, my elder brother returned with his girlfriend and I halted everything. That was sufficient to hurt my back.


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