Meeting up with Dear Sister Hoay Min

[Thursday, 15 April, 2010]

I continued with the struggle with my portfolio, sleeping only after 4am. I woke up near 9am before my alarm clock sounded. I checked my phone and realised my dear “sister” Hoay Min had cancelled the lunch appointment with me. I was sleepy and tried to get back to my sleep but the thought about my portfolio kept me alive suddenly. I started working on my laptop on the mattress but soon, my brother invited me to join him and his girlfriend at the MacDonald’s.

I packed up my laptop and took it along. After having the unusual breakfast where some memories caught me, I took a corner seat to start doing my work alone. I realised the Wireless@SG at all MacDonald’s restaurants did not allow posting comment in Facebook. The current online visitor counter on my website, which used Ajax was not spared. I did not stay there for long as the crowds started to flood the place with noise. It was the busiest hour for the restaurant in the working district. I packed up and left without feeling very accomplished.

I continued with my portfolio at home until the mid afternoon, I went to Vivocity to meet Hoay Min. After passing by the Starbucks nearer to the cinema a few times, I finally found a seat by the glass at the corner. It was not the best seat for I could not get to see a cute girl who was using her laptop.

Hoay Min was late for quite long but I was glad enough to meet her after so long ever since I ORDed. We had long chat and she was one of the best listeners ever, able to withstand me talk out of the topics every now and then. She was the first and only person whom I told clearly about what I had been doing recently, including my Facebook marketing plans. I was glad that I could finally pour out such that at least a person on this Earth would not accuse me of enjoying myself all these while.

We left after 7pm since she had another appointment with her friends at the Coffee Bean. I went home to continue with my portfolio.


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