The Day I put it to an End

[Friday, 2 April, 2010]

Into the deepest silent of the early morning where everyone was still sleeping, I continued to battle with my farewell letter. A sudden creativity came into my mind that since I had been designing things for the ITE, including websites, I might as well put the farewell letter into a website like what I did previously for my ex-company. Moreover, I had a web design nearly done some months ago, which could be put into good use.

My younger brother finally logged in MSN after 4am and I woke my mum up to chat with him using webcams since I knew my mum would not sleep well if I did not do that.

I finished off my work at around 7am, feeling quite proud of the amount of work I had done, even though I knew I could have done much more –

I woke up after noon. While my mum was on her way to get my lunch, my younger brother called her. I was fixing the pathetic internet connection when she returned and soon, I got everything fixed so that she could use the webcam. My empty stomach stalled for one and a half hour before my mum left the house.

The day went on fast. Moments of tiredness marked the time on my bed and I finally got to release some of my stress over the past few days by playing game.

After 8pm, I went to Chinatown together with my family. We headed for the usual chicken rice stall at the hawker centre but it was closed and we decided to try the stall at the shophouse nearby but it was badly packed. We went to the famous Holland Village XO fish noodle by the side of the food street instead. Twenty bucks per bowl of fish noodle could hardly fill our stomachs. In the end, we went back to the hawker centre to get some thirty satays with two rice.


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