Webcam till Daylight with Younger Brother

[Friday, 16 April, 2010]

My Friday was spent like any other bored day. I had webcam with my younger brother over at Germany while doing my portfolio and my mum joined in as she woke up at 6am to prepare for some praying ritual for the ancestors. Then, my elder brother passed by the room to make the family gathering complete.

Before I went to bed, Edwin messaged me to tell me that the appointment I had with him had to be cancelled due to a sudden meeting session. I was quite glad since I might not be in good condition with the lack of sleep. I set my alarm clock off.

I woke up at around 2.30pm and quickly went to visit the TCM physician. I got eight days of medicine to continue the process of improving my stomach’s condition.

I spent the rest of the day continuing with my portfolio. It was not fully about designing, but also programming and gathering of my work.


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